Complete list of JNTU-H affiliated colleges (Upto 2011) in AP.

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Complete list of JNTU-Hyderabad affiliated colleges (Upto the year 2011) in Andhra Pradesh.

(District wise college address and college codes in Telangana region)

Details of Clusters of  JNTUH Affiliated Colleges.

CLUSTER-I (Moinabad-I)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.JB Institute of Engineering. & Technology,     Yenkapally (V), Moinabad                            Mandal,     Rangareddy Dist-500 075.67
2.Bhaskar Eng College,        Amadappur XRoad, Yenkapally(V), Moinabad(M), Himayath Naagar,        Ranga Reddy Dist.GE
3.Ayaan College of Engineering &Tech,       Kanakamamidi, Moinabad,       RangaReddy DistH3
4.VIF College of Engineering & Technology,         Himayathnagar, Gandipet Cross Road,         Moinabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.D5
5.Hi Point College of Eng & Tech,       Chhilukur Village,Moinabad Mandal

Ranga  Reddy Dist

6.Hi-Tech College of Engineering & Technology,     Himayatnagar (V),     Moinabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-500 075.J1
7.Chilkur Balaji Institute of Technology,        Aziz Nagar (V), Moinabad (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist.

8.S.V.College of Computer Sciences,      Eathbarpally(V), Moinabad(M),      Ranga Reddy Dist.2A
9.K.G. Reddy College of Engineering & Technology,        Chilkur (V), Moinabad (M),      Ranga Reddy Dist-501504.QM
10.PRRM Engineering College,        Shabad,  Ranga Reddy Dist-509 21761
11.Azad College of Engineering for Women,      Moinabad,     Ranga Reddy Dist. 501 5045W
12.Saraswathi College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, SyNo: 85/AA, Yethbarpally (V),

Moinabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.

13.Bhaskar Pharmacy College,

Amdapur X Road, Yenkapally (V), Moinabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist

14.PRRM College of Pharmacy,

In the premises of PRRM Engg. College,Shabad, Ranga Reddy Dist.

15.Global College of Pharmacy,

Sy.No:170/195, Chilkur (V), Moinabad Mdl ,Ranga Reddy Dist.A.P.



CLUSTER-II (Moinabad-II)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Joginpally B.R. Engineering College,     Yenkapally, Moinabad (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist.-500 075.

2.Sri K.S.Raju Inst. of Technology & Sciences,      Kanakamamidi (V), Moinabad (M),      Ranga Reddy Dist – 501 504.X7
3.Shaaz College of Engineering & Tech,      Himayatah Nagar (V), Moinabad (M),       Ranga Reddy DistK7
4.SV College o Eng & Tech,       Eathabaarpally (V), Moinabad (M)

RangaReddy Dist  – 501504

5.Global Institute of Engineering & Technology,       Sy.No.179/195, Chilkur (V), Moinabad (M),        Ranga Reddy Dist.U6
6.Azad College of Engineering,      Moinabad (V & M),      Ranga Reddy Dist.Q8
7.Dr VRK Women College ofEngineering,,&Tech,      Aziz Nagar,(V)Moinabad,(M),        Rangareddy DistH8
8.Geetanjali Institute of Science & Technology,       Aziz Nagar (V), Moinabad (M),       Ranga Reddy Dist.QF
9.M.N.Rao Women’s Engineering College,       Amdapur X Roads, Yenkapally (V),       Himayathnagar (P),       Moinabad(M),       Ranga Reddy DistRD
10.S.V. Institute of Engineering & Technology,       Sy.No:74/P, Eathabarpally(V), Moinabad(M),       Ranga Reddy Dist-501 504.6Q
11.Joginpally B.R. Pharmacy College

Amdapur X Road, Yenkapally (V), Moinabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.

12.Chilkur Balaji College of Pharmacy,

RVS nagar, Moinabad Road, Near Police Academy, Hyderabad

13.Srinivasa Pharmaceutical Institute and Centre for Research,

S.No:43,/AA, Burgupalli Village,

Vikarabad, Ranga Reddy District – 509 001.

14.Azad College of Pharmacy, Moinabad, Ranga Reddy Dist.T6


CLUSTER-III (Chevella)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Royal Inst. of Technology & Science,       Damargidda (V), Chevella (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist-501 503

2.Vidya Vikas Institute of Technology,     (Formmerly Farah College of Engineering &

Technology),      Sur. No.103 & 104, Chevella (V),     Ranga Reddy Dist.

3.Bandari Srinivas Inst. of Technology,       Gollapally Village, Chevella Mandal,

Ranga Reddy Dist.

4.P.Indra Reddy Memorial Eng College,     Chevella (V&M), -501503,

Ranga Reddy Dist

5.New India College of Engineering &        Technology,       Gollapally(V), Chevella(M),

Ranga Reddy Dist

6.Younis Sultan College of Engineering,      Mudimyal Village, Chevella Mandal

Ranga Reddy Dist – 501503

7.Shahjehan College of Engg & Technology,      Nyalata Village, Ramannaguda Road,

Chevella Mandal, Ranga Reddy Dist.

8.Mannan Institute of Science & Tech,     Aloor (V) Chevella ( M),     RR.DistJ5
9.Marconi Institute of Technology,      Mudmiyal (V), Chevella (M),       Ranga Reddy Dist-501503.RK
10.AI Habeeb Engineering College &Technology,      Damergidda (V), Chevalla (M), R.R (Dist)-501 503.H1
11.SVVR Educational Society Group of Institutions,       (Sagar Institute of Technology),       Urella (V), Chevella (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501 503.7B
12.Bandari Srinivas College of Engineering & Technology

Gollapally(V), Chevella (M), Ranga Reddy-501503.

13.Vidyaniketan Institute of Technology, Sy.No.103 & 104, Shabad Road, Chevella,

Ranga Reddy Dist. 501503.


CLUSTER-IV (Ghatkesar)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Tirumala Engineering College,       Bogaram (V), Keesara (M),      Ranga Reddy Dist.C2
2.Aurora’s Engineering College,     Bhuvanagiri,     Nalgonda Dist.-508 116.62
3.Vivekananda Institute of Eng Tech,        Bogaraam (V), Keesara (M),        Ranga Reddy DistW1
4.Vignana Bharathi Inst of Tech,      Aushapur (V), Ghatkesar (M),      Ranga Reddy DistP6
5.Samskruti College of Engineering &       Technology,      (Formerly St.Vincent Inst. of Engg & Tech),       Kondapur Village, Ghatkesar Mandal,        Ranga Reddy Dist – 501 301.U1
6.Aurora’s Technological & Research Institute,     (Formerly Karshak Engineering college),      Parvathapur (V), Uppal Ghatkesar (M),      Ranga Reddy Dist.84
7.Krishna Murthy Institute of Technology &      Engineering,      Sy.No.23&39, Edulabad (V), Ghatkesar (M),      Ranga Reddy Dist.BE
8.S.P.R. College of Engineering & Technology,       Ankushapur (V), Ghatkesar (M),       R R Dist – 501 301.GM
9.Holy Mary Institute of Technology,       Bogaram (V), Keesara (M),        Ranga Reddy Dist-501301.QH
10.Princeton Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women,        Korremula (V), Ghatkesar (M),         Ranga Reddy Dist.-501 3016M
11.Nalla Narasimha Reddy Education Society’s Group of Institutions,       Chowdariguda, Korremula (V), Chatkesar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist. 500088.7Z
12.Samskruthi Faculty of Business Management,      Kondapur, Ghatkesar,        Ranga Reddy Dist.8N
13.Lalitha College of Pharmacy,Venkatapur (V), Ghatkesar (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist. 501 301.

14.Princeton College of Pharmacy,Korremal (V), Ghatkesar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.GA
15.Gurram Balanarasiah Institute of Pharmacy, Edulabad, Ghatkesar,

Ranga Reddy Dist.

16.Samskruti College of Pharmacy,Kondapur (V), Ghatkesar (M), Hyderabad – 501301.Y7
17.Gyana Jyothi College of Pharmacy,

7-48/1, Gyana Jyothi Nagar, Peerzadiguda, (Beyond Uppal Bus Depot), Ghatkesar (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist.



CLUSTER-V (Keesara)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Megha Institute of Engineering & Technology  for Women,      Sy.No.7, Edulabad (V), Ghatkesar (M),      Ranga Reddy Dist-501301.RP
2.Vignan’s Institute of Management &   Technology for Women,      Kondapur(V), Ghatkesar(M),      Ranga Reddy Dist.UP
3.Holy Mary Inst. of Technology & Science ,     Bogaram, Keesara Mandal,      Ranga Reddy Dist-501 301.C9
4.Geetanjali College of Eng& Tech,       Cheeryal , Keesara Mandal,       Ranga Reddy DistR1
5.Princeton College of Engg & Tech,       Ankushapur (V), Ghatkesar (M),       Ranga reddy Dist – 501301L7
6.Tudi Ram Reddy Institute of Technology & Science,        Gudur (V), Bibi Nagar (M),         Nalgonda Dist.UG
7.Medha College of Engineering,       Laxmi Devi Gudem, Bibinagar (M),        Nalgonda Dist-508126.RN
8.CVSR Engineering College,       Venkatapur (V) , Ghaatkesar (M),       Ranga Reddy DistH6
9.Hasvita Institute of Engg & Technology,      Temple Road, Keesara Mandal,       Ranga Reddy Dist.A.P.U0
10.nasuya Devi Institute of Technology & Sciences, Gudur(V), Bibinagar(M),       Nalgonda Dist.5Q
11.Sai Sudhir Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Sy:No:106,112,             Kundanpally, Keesara(M),Hyderabad-501301.6T
12.Gurukul Group of Institutions,      Faculty of Engineering,      Faculty of Management,      Sy No. 73 & 74,  Bibinagar, Hyderabad7T
13.Jesus PG College,     Temple Road, Keesara , Keesara(M),

Ranga Reddy Dist-501 301.

14.Horizon College of Pharmacy,Nagaram (V), Keesara (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.7K
15.Hasvita Institute of Science & Technology,Keesara, Ranga Reddy Dist.501301.8X
16.Sree Vaanmayi Institute of Engineering & Technology,

Annamptal(V), Bibinagar(M), Nalgonda Dist. 508126

17.GSR Group of Institutions ,Rangapur (V), Bommalaramaram (M), Near Keesara, Nalagonda-508126.9K
18.Sai Pranavi College of Pharmacy,

Temple Road, Keesara, Ranga Reddy Dist.A.P.

19.Holy Mary Institute of Technology & Science College of Pharmacy, Bogaram(V), Keesara(M),Ranga Reddy Dist.S7
20.Geethanjali College of Pharmacy,

Cheeryal (V), Keesara (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501301.



CLUSTER-VI (Bhoingir)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Vathsalya Inst. of Science & Technology,       Anantharam, Bhuvanagiri Mandal,

Nalgonda Dist-508 116.

2.Nalla Malla Reddy  Engineering College,       (Formerly HRD Engineering College)

7-01, Divya Nagar, Kachwanisingaram (V),       Ghatkesar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist – 501 301.

3.Matrix Institute of Technology,        Chikati Mamidi (V), Bommala Ramaram (M),         Nalgonda Dist.RM
4.Sree Nidhi Institute of Science & Technology,    Yamnampet, Ghatkesar (M),     Rangareddy Dist-501 301.31
5.Murthy Inst. of Tech & Science.,     Ankireddypally, Keesara Mdl,      Ranga Reddy Dist.R5
6.ACE Engineering College,       Sy.No:175 & 181, Ankushapur (V),        Ghatkesar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501301.AG
7.Anurag College of Engineering,       Aushapur (V), Ghatkesar (M),       Ranga Reddy Dist.PQ
8.Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute of Technology,      Edulabad (V), Ghanapur Gram Panchayat,       Ghatkesar (M),       Ranga Reddy Dist.RA
9.Siddhartha Institute of Technology & Science,       Korremula (V), Ghatkesar (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist-501301.

10.EVR College of Engineering & Technology, Peddeparvathapur (V), Bommalaramaram (M),      Nalgonda Dist. 508126.5Z
11.Hasvita Institute of Management & Technology,        Main Road, Keesara Daira, Keesara(M),

Ranga Reddy Dist-501 301.

12.Tudi Narasimha Reddy Institute of Technology      & Sciences,     Gudur (V), Bibinagar (M), Nalgonda Dist.5E
13.Vathsalya College of Pharmacy,

Anantharam (V), Bhongir (M), Nalgonda Dist.

14.Sri Sarada College of Pharmacy,Anantharam (V), Bhongir (M), Nalgonda Dis


CLUSTER-VII (Patancheru)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Ellenki College of Engineering & Technology,        Patelguda, Near BHEL, Patancheru(M),        Medak Dist.C7
2.St.Stanley College of Engg & Technology,       Muthangi Village, Patancheru Mandal,

Medak Dist – 502 300.

3.Maheswara Enginering College,     (Formerly Jatipita College of Eng),

Chitkul (V), Patancheru (M), Medak Dist

4.TRR College of Engineering,       Inole, (V), Patancheru (M),       Medak Dist.L0
5.DVR College of Engineering & Technology,       Kashipur (V), Kandi, Sangareddy Mandal,        Medak Dist.-502 283.40
6.Jyothi Engineering College ,      Inole Vil, Patancheru (M),      Medak DistD1
7.Turbo Machinery Institute of Technology &       Sciences,      Indresham (V), Patancheru (M),       Medak Dist-502319.5A
8.MNR College of Engineering & Technology,      MNR Nagar, Narsapur Road, Fasalwadi,       Sangareddy,       Medak DistRE
9.Pulla Reddy Institute of Technology,       SyNo.2096, Wargal (V & M),       Medak Dist-502278TH
10.SSR Institute of Engineering and Technology,      Patelguda, Near BHEL, Patencheru(M),       Medak Dist-502319.TU
11.DRK College of Engineering & Technology,        Bowrampet (V),        Hyderabad – 500043.U5
12.Patlolla Ramakrishna Reddy College of Pharmacy, Nandigama (V), Patancheru (M), Medak Dist.1G
13.TRR College of Pharmacy,SyNo.39, Inole (V), Patancheru (M),

Medak Dist-502319.

14.Maheswara Institute of Pharmacy,

Chitkul Village, Patancheru Mandal, Medak Dist.A.P.

15.Maheswara College of Pharmacy,

Chitkul Village, Patancheru Mandal, Medak Dist.A.P.



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Indur Institute of Technology,       Ponnala Village, Siddipet,        Medak Dist- 502 277D3
2.Medak College of Engineering & Technology,      Kondapak (V), Siddipet,      Medak Dist – 502 732J6
3.Maheswara Engineering College,     (Formerly Bapuji Engineering College),     Chitkul (V), Patancheru (M), Medak Dist82
4.Padmasri Dr. B.V.Raju Institute of Technology,      Vishnupur, Narsapur,        Medak Dist-502 313.21
5.Hyderabad Inst of  Technology & Management,       (Formerly Royal College of Engineering),       Vivekananda Nagar, Pillikotial,        Medak. Town, Medak Dist-502 110.E5
6.Syed Hashim College of Science & Technology,      Pregnapur Village , Gajwel Mandal,      Medak Dist56
7.Gopal Reddy College of Engineering &        Technology,       Pedda Kanjerla (V), Patancheru (M),        Medak Dist-502319.QG
8.Prof.Rama Reddy College of Engg &       Technology,      Nandigama (V), Patancheru (M),       Medak Dist.TE
9.SSR Engineering College,       Chinnagundavalli, Siddipet,        Medak Dist:TT
10.TRR College of Engineering & Technology,       SyNo.39, Inole (V),        Patancheru (M),        Medak Dist-502319.UF
11.YPR College of Engineering & Technology,       Haveli Ghanpur (Village), Medak DistD7
12.Pulla Reddy Engineering College,Gowraram(P), Wargal(M), PamulaPathy,Medak Dist-502278.6N
13.Sushrut Institute of Pharmacy,Taddanpalli(V), Phulkul(M), Medak Dist.1J
14.Procadence Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rimmanaguda (V), Gajwel (M),

Medak Dist-502278.

15.Medak Institute of Technology – Pharmacy, Sy.No:551, Shangri-LA, Kothapet(V), Shivampet(M), Medak Dist-502 313.7L
16.Vishnu Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Vishnupur, Narsapur, Medak Dist – 502313.DH


CLUSTER-IX (Hayatnagar)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.St.Mary’s Engineering College,      Deshmukhi (V), Pochampally (M),       Nalgonda Dist-508 284.BH
2.Nizam Inst. of Engg & Technology,       Deshmukhi (V), Pochampally(M),      Nalgonda Dist-508 284.E0
3.St.Mary’s College of Engineering &       Technology,       Sur No.13 & 187,Deshmukhi (V),        Pochampally (M), Nalgonda Dist.D0
4.Sphoorthy Engineering College,      (Bhagyanagar Institute of Technology),        Nadargul(V), Saroornagar(M), Near       Vanasthalipuram, Ranga Reddy DistN8
5.Avanthi Inst. of Engg & Tech.,     Gunthapally Vil, Mazeedpur Gram Panchayat,

Hayath Nagar (Mdl), Ranga Reddy Dist.

6.Vignan Inst. of Technology & Science,       Deshmukhi (V), Pochampalli (M),

Nalgonda Dist-508 284.

7.Avanthi’s PG & Research Academy,     Gunthapally (V), Hayath Nagar (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist

8.Teegala Krishna Reddy Engineering College,        Medbowli, Meerpet, Saroornagar,

R.R.Dist – 500 079.

9.Brilliant Institute of Engineering & Technology,       Abdullapur (V), Hayath Nagar,

Ranga Reddy Dist.

10.Nova Institute of Technological Research for Women, Sy No:315, Jafferguda,        Batasingaram (V), Hayathnagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.6G
11.Basavaraju Krishna Bai (Laxmi) Educational Society Group of Institutions,         H.No.11-13-7/1, Road No.1, Alkapuri, Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad-357P
12.Brilliant Group of Institutions, Abdullapur (V), Hayatnagar(M),Ranga Reddy Dist-501 582.7Q
13.Joseph Sriharsha & Mary Indraja Educational Society’s St.Mary’s Group of Institutions,        a. St.Mary’s School of Technology & Research ,        b. St.Mary’s School of MBA

Deshmukhi (V), Pochampally (M), Nalgonda Dist.

14.Madhira Educational Society Group of Institutions,        Koheda (V), Hayatnagar (M),Ranga Reddy Dist.7X
15.Global Group of Institutions,Batasingaram (V), Hayathnagar (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist.

16.Nova Group of Institutions,Jafferguda, Batasingaram (V), Hayathnagar (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist.

17.Vivekananda Group of Institutions,Batasingaram (V),

Hayathnagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.

18.Nova College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Sy.No.315, Jafferguda, Batasingaram (V), Hayath Nagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.CG
19.SLC’s College of Pharmacy,Sy.No:17/2, Piglipur (V), Hayath Nagar (M),

Near Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad.

20.Avanthi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Hayath Nagar, Ranga Reddy Dist.

21.Nizam Inst. of Pharmacy,Deshmukhi (V), Pochampally (M),

Near Ramoji Film City, Nalgonda Dist.

22.Vijaya College of Pharmacy,Munaganoor (V), Hayath Nagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.Y6
23.KVK College of Pharmacy,

Sarmaiguda (V), Near Ramoji Film City,Ranga Reddy Dist.



CLUSTER-X (Choutuppal)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Nova College of Eng Tech ,Jafferguda,Batasingaram (V),      Hayath Nagaar(M), RR DistR3
2.Annamacharya Institute of Tech & Sciences, Piglipur, Batasingaram Panchayat,

Hayath Nagar (M), Hyderabad.,     Ranga Reddy Dist.

3.Arjun College of Technology & Science,       Sy.No:376/7, Batasingaram (V),

Hayath Nagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist

4.SLC’s Institute of Engg & Technology, Piglipur(V), Hayathnagar (M), Near Ramoji Film City,      Ranga Reddy Dist – 501       512.S3
5.Vignan’s Institute of Technology &        Aeronautical Engineering,       Deshmukhi (V), Pochampalli (M),        Nalgonda Dist-508284.UQ
6.Netaji Institute of Eng and Tech, Near Ramoji Film City,Toopranpet (M),       Choutuppal, Nalgonda DistN2
7.Kasireddy Narayan Reddy College of       Engineering & Research,      Abdullapur (V), Hayath Nagar (M),       Ranga Reddy Dist-501582.5D
8.Noble College of Engineering & Technology for        Women,       SyNo.575,576, Nadergul (V),        Saroor Nagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501510.5F
9.Avanthi’s Scientific Technological & Research        Academy,       Gunthapally (V), Majeedpura Gram Panchyat,       Hayath Nagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.PT
10.CRV Institute of Technology & Sciences, Lalgadi Malakpet, Shamirpet (M),       Ranga Reddy Dist-500078.QC
11.Ashok Institute of Engineering & Technology,       Malkapur (V), Choutuppal (M), Nalgonda Dist.5T
12.Nagole Institute of Technology & Science,Kuntloor (V), Hayathnagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist. 501 5056F
13.Symbiosis Institute of Technology and Science, Shamirpet, Ranga Reddy Dist.7C
14.Suprabhath College of Engineering & Technology, Yacharam (V&M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501 509.6Z
15.Vishwa Bharathi Institute of Technology & Sciences, Nadargul (V), Ranga Reddy Dist. 5015107F
16.MRR College of B.Pharmacy,, Nadergul (V), Saroor Nagar (M)

Ranga Reddy Dist-501510.

17.Netaji Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Toopranpet,

Choutuppal (M), Nalgonda Dist-508 252.

18.Jyothismathi College of Pharmacy,Turkapally, Shamirpet, Ranga Reddy DistEG


CLUSTER-XI (Ibrahimpatnam-I)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Bharat Inst. of Engineering & Technology,  Mangalpalli Village, Ibrahimpatnam,

Ranga Reddy Dist.-501 510.

2.Guru Nanak Engineering College,      Sur.No.67/10, Khanapur Vil, Manchal (M),

Nagarjunasagar Road Ibrahimpatnam,      Ranga Reddy Dist-501 506.

3.Scient Institute of Technology,      Ibrahimpatnam,      Ranga Reddy Dist-501 506.C0
4.Sri Indu College of Engineering & Technology,       Sheriguda (V),       Ibrahimpatnam (M),       Ranga Reddy Dist-501 510.D4
5.RVR Institute of Engineering & Technology,      Sheriguda (V), Khalsa,, Ibrahimpatnam,      Ranga Reddy Dist – 501 510.X3
6.TKR College of Engineering & Tech,        Medbowli, Meerpet,   Hyderabad.-500 079.K9
7.Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for       Women,      Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M),       Ranga Reddy Dist-501510.PU
8.Pujya Shri Madhavanji College of Engg &        Technology,       Shanthivanam, Nagarjunasagar Road,        Hyderabad-500035.TF
9.Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, (Formerly JSN College of Engg & Technology)

Khanapur (V), Manchal (M), Ibrahimpatnam,      Ranga Reddy Dist.

10.NRI Institute of Technology,Srisailam Highway, Kothru (V), kandkur (M),Ranga Reddy Dist-501 359.6H
11.Bharat Inst. of Technology, Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.17
12.M.R.M College of Pharmacy,Chinthapallyguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist-501510.

13.Anjamma Agi Reddy Engineering College for Women,

Vyasapuri Bandlaguda, Kesavagiri Post, Hyderabad-500 005.

14.Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering & Technology,

Khanapur (V), Manchal Mandal, Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga Reddy Dist-500 009.

15.Nava Bharat Institute of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences, Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.CE
16.Sri Indu Inst. of Pharmacy,Sheriguda, Ibrahimpatnam,

Ranga Reddy Dist.

17.Ushodaya Inst. of Management, & Technology, Sitharampet Village, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, Ranga Reddy DsitVC


CLUSTER-XII (Ibrahimpatnam-II)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.CVR College of Engineering,      Vastu Nagar, S.No.315,      Mangalpalli (V), Ibrahimpatnam(M),     Ranga Reddy Dist.-501 510.B8
2.Raja Mahendra College of Engineering, Khalsa, Ibrahimpatnam,   Ranga Reddy Dist-501 506.D6
3.Sree Datha Institute of Engineering & Science, (Formerly Narayanapet Inst. of Tech. &       Science), Sheriguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M),  Ranga Reddy Dist – 501 510.E4
4.Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology,   Adarsh Farm, Mangalpally Patel Guda (V), Ibrahimpatnam(M),Ranga Reddy Dist-501510BA
5.Visvesvaraya College of Engineering & Technology, Patelguda(V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.BT
6.H2 Asifia College of Engineering, Survey NO 185&186, Chintula (V), Yacharam (M) Ibrahimpatnam ,  RR DistH2
7.Jagruthi Institute of Engineering & Tech., ( Formerly KNR College of Engg.& Tech.,),    Cintapally Guda, Koheda, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, RR Dist.P8
8.SiddharthaInstitute of Engg & Technology, Vinobanagar, Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga reddy Dist-501506.TP
9.Nexus College of Science & Technology, Yacharam (V & M), Ranga Reddy Dist.TC
10.AVN Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patel Guda Grampanchayat, Ragannaguda (P),

Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.

11.Sri Chaitanya College of Engineering & Technology, And Sri Chaitanya College of  Business Management, Sheriguda(V), Ibrahimpatnam(M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501 510.8A
12.Guru Nanak Institute of P.G.Studies (MCA)

Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga Reddy Dist.

13.Guru Nanak Institute of P.G.Studies (MBA)

Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga Reddy Dist.

14.Sree Dattha Group of Institutions,Sheriguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist.

15.Greater Hyderabad Institute of Pharmacy,

Sy.No.326, Ibrahimpatnam (V & M),Ranga Reddy Dist.

16.Sree Datha Institute of Pharmacy,Sheriguda(V), Ibrahimpatnam (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist

17.Gurunanak Institute of Pharmacy,Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga Reddy Dist.Y8



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.VNR Vignan Jyothi Institute of Engineering &Technology,

Batchpally, Via: Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500 072.

2.DRK Institute of  Science & Technology,  Bowrampet (V), Hyderabad – 500043.N7
3.Malla Reddy College of Engineering for Women,43,46,47,48,53,113,114,115,116,128&130,    Suraram X Road,Qutbullapur  Municipality,        Ranga Reddy Dist-500055.RG
4.Gokaraju Ranga Raju Institute of Eng& Tech,Bachupally, Opp. B B Unit, Via Miyapur,  Hyderabad – 50007524
5.Viswa Bharathi College of Engineering,Sy.No.19, Hyder Nagar, Kukatpally,       Hyderabad-500085.UU
6.Ellenki College of Engineeiring For Women, Patelguda(V), Near BHEL, Patancheru (M),    Medak Dist-502319.5Y
7.Rishi M.S. Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women, 1-2-54/1,    Opp: JNTU, Kukatpally,   Hyderabad-85.6P
8.TRR Engineering College for Women,   TRR Nagar, Inole (V), Patancheru (M), Medak Dist-502319.7D
9.Malla Reddy Institute of Technology,    Maisammaguda, Dhulapally (P), Secunderabad-500014.RJ
10.Sitha Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,

HNo.8-5/4, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Bachupally, Hyderabad.




S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Church institute of Technology,

Gagillapur Village, Qutbullapur Mandal,           Ranga Reddy Dist.

2.Institute of Aeronautical Engineering ,    Dundigal Vil, Qutbullapur Mdl,

Ranga Reddy Dist.

3.CMR College of Engineering & Technology,      Kandlakoya, Medchal (M),

Hyderabad –501401.

4.St.Peter’s Engineering College,        Gundlapally Post, Medchal (M),

Ranga Reddy Dist – 500014.

5.Malla Reddy Engineering College,         Maisammaguda, Dhullapally Post,

Via Hakimapet,          Hyderabad-501401.

6.Malla Reddy Inst of Tech & Science,     Mysammaguda,Gundlapochampally(V),

Medchal (M),              Ranga Reddy Dist 500014

7.Narasimha Reddy Engineering College,    Sy.No:518,Maisammaguda,

Gundlapochampally(V),           Medchal (M),           Ranga Reddy Dist.

8.CMR Technical Education Society Group of Institutions,

1. CMRTES School of Engineering (E&TS)

2. CMRTES School of Management (MBA)

Kandlakoya (V),           Medchal (M),           Ranga Reddy Dist.

9.Marri Educational Society’s

Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology and Management,

1. Marri Laxman Reddy School of Engineering,

2. Marri Laxman Reddy School of Management

3. MLR School of Business

Dundigal, Qutbullapur (M),         Ranga Reddy Dist,         Hyderabad.

10.CM School of Business Management,   Mysammaguda,   Hakimpet,   Secunderanad.8D
11.Malla Reddy Institute of Business Management,

Mysammaguda,        Hakimpet,      Secunderabad-14

12.Malla Reddy Institute of Management & Technology, Sy.No.518/A, Mysammaguda, Dhulapally, Secunderabad-14.8H
13.Malla Reddy Institute of Management Sciences,   Mysammaguda,    Hakimpet,


14.Malla Reddy Management College for Women,

Mysammaguda,           Hakimpet,             Secunderabad-14.

15.MR College of Business Management,       Sy. No. 646,    Mysammaguda, Hakimpet,


16.8M   Narsimha Reddy PG College,         Survet No.518/1, Maisammaguda(V),

Dullapally, Medvhal(M),        Ranga Reddy Dist-500 014.

17.CMR Engineering College, Kandlakoya (V), Medchal (V),

Ranga Reddy Dt 501401.

18.CMR College of Pharmacy,Kandlakoya (V), Medchal, Hyderabad.


CLUSTER-XV (Dundigal)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.MLR Institute of Engineering & Technology,   Dundigal (V) Qutbullapur Maandal

Ranga Reddy Disst

2.SS Institute of Technology,   Gandi Maisamma X Roads, Dundigal,   HyderabadR7
3.Amina Institute of Technology,    Kandlakoia(V), Medchal (M),        Ranga.Reddy DistN1
4.Malla Reddy Institute of Engineering & Technology,  Sy.No:645,642/1, Maisammaguda,

Dhulapally, Via Hakimpet,        Secunderabad-  500014.

5.CM Engineering College,  Sy No.518, 519, 521 & 532,  Mysammaguda, Dhulapalli(P), Via. Hakimpet, Secunderabad.Q9
6.St.Martin’s Engineering College,   Dulapalli (V), Medchal(M),      Ranga Reddy Dist-500 014.K8
7.VMR Institute of Technology & Management Sciences,  Sy.No.652, 653, 654, 658, 656, 721, 722, 726 & 727,  Medchal,  Ranga Reddy Dist.UJ
8.Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women,  Gundlapochampally (V), Maisammaguda,

Dhulapally (P), Secunderabad-14.

9.Malla Reddy College of Engg & Technology,   Maisammaguda, Gundlapochampally(V),

Medchal(M), Ranga Reddy Dist.

10.CMR Institute of  Technology,  Kandlakoya Vil, Medchal Mdl,        Hyderabad.R0
11.Malla Reddy PG College,Maisammaguda, Gundlapochampally (V),Medchal (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.GF
12.MLR Institute of Pharmacy,Dundigal (V), Qutbullapur (M)

Ranga Reddy Dist-500043.

13.Pulla Reddy Institute of Pharmacy,

Survey No.167 & 168, Dommadugu Village, Near Dundigal Academy, Hyderabad.

14.CM College of Pharmacy,Maisammaguda, Dhulapally Post, Via Hakimpet, Secunderabad.HF
15.Malla Reddy Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Mysammaguda, Dhulapalli, Via Hakimpet, SecunderabadT


CLUSTER-XVI (Gandipet)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Mahatma Gandhi Institute of technology,Gandipet, Hyderabad – 500075.26
2.SSJ Engineering College,Near CBIT, Gandipet,Hyderabad – 500075.60
3.Shadan College of Engineering & Technology,Himayat Sagar Road, Peerancheru, Hyderabad-500 008.08
4.Sreedevi Womens Engineering College,Vattinagulapally, , Gandipet Road,      Rajendra Nagar Mandal, RR Dist.D2
5.Vidya Jyothi Inst. of Technology, Himayathnagar (V), CB Post,     Hyderabad –500 075.91
6.Lords Inst. of Engg & Technology,Sy No: 32, Himayat Sagar,      Ranga Reddy Dist, Hyderabad (West).M2
7.Moghal College of Engg & Tech,Bandlaguda, Chandrayanagutta X Roads,        Hyderabad – 500 005.R4
8.Nishitha College of Engg & Technology,

Lemoor Village, Kandukur Mandal,       Ranga Reddy Dist.

9.Anwar Ul UloomCollege of Engineering & Tech,

Yennepally ,Vikarabad,        Ranga Reddy Dist.

10.Jyothismathi College of Eng and Tech,

Turkapally (V), Shamirpet (M),      Rangareddy Dist.

11.Vardhaman College of Engineering,

Kacharam Vil, Nanajipur Post,

Shamshabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501218.

12.Noor College of Engineering & Technology,

Ammangal Road, Kammadanam,

Shadnagar,  Mahaboobnagar Dist –509216.

13.Pratap Narender Reddy College of Pharmacy, HNo:1-117, 1-118,

Pedda Shapur (V), Shamshabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-509325.

14.Harshith Group of Institutions ,Mankal (V), Maheshwaram (M), Ranga Reddy Dist9L
15.SSJ College of Pharmacy,Vattinagulapally (V),

Rajendra Nagar (M),Ranga Reddy Dist.



CLUSTER-XVII (Bandlaguda)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Aurora  (Formerly Sant Samarth Engineering College),Keshavgiri Post , Bandlaguda ,       Hyderabad – 500005.D9
2.Mahaveer Institute of Science & Technology,Vyasapuri, Bandlaguda Post,        Kesavagiri, Hyderabad-500 005.E3
3.Vanjari Seethaiah Memorial Engineering College,Bandlaguda, Hyderabad.W7
4.KITE Women’s College of Professional Engineering Sciences,Shabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.QR
5.Vijaya Krishna Institute of Technology & Sciences,Palmakole (V), Shamshabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501218.UR
6.J.J.Institute of Information Technology,Maheswaram (V & M),       Ranga Reddy Dist-501359.QJ
7.GreenFort Engineering college , Bandlaguda , Near Chandrayana Gutta X Road,Keshavagiri, Charminar, Hyderabad.J0
8.KITE College of Professional Engineering Sciences,Shabad (M), Ranga Reddy Dist.QQ
9.Pujya Shri Madhavanji Institute of Science & Technology,Bhagavathipuram, Mohabbat Nagar,

Tummaluru(GP), Maheswaram(M),  Ranga Reddy Dist-501359.

10.Aryabhata Institute of Technology & Science,Mohabath Nagar, Near Maheswaram X Roads,

Srisailam Highway, Ranga Reddy Dist-509359.

11.City Women College of Engineering & Technology, # 8-5-2/18, Moghal Campus,

Near Chandrayanagutta X Road, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad.

12.J.J. College of Pharmacy

Maheswaram, Ranga Reddy Dist.



CLUSTER-XVIII (Hyderabad City)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology,    3-5-1026, Narayanguda,Hyderabad.BD
2.Swamy Vivekananda Inst. of Technology,     Mahbub College, Secunderabad.P7
3.Shadan Women’s College of Engg & Tech,6-2-980, Khairatabad, Hyderabad-500 004.L5
4.G .Narayanamma Inst. of Tech & Science for women, Shaikpet,         Hyderabad-500 008.25
5.Mumtaz College of Engineering & Technology,16-2-737, Malkapet,       Hyderabad-36.6E
6.Panineeya Institute of Technology & Science, Viveknandanagar, Dilsukhnagar,Hyderabad-60.6J
7.Nawab Shah Alam Khan College of       Engineering & Technology,      16-4-1, Malakpet,       Hyderabad-500 024.RT
8.Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for women,      Vinay Nagar,  Saidabad,       Hyderabad – 500 059.32
9.Shadan Women’s College of Pharmacy,Peerancheru, Hyderabad-500 008.41
10.Sultan Ul Uloom College of Pharmacy, Road No:3., Banjara Hills,Hyderabad – 500 03445
11.Deccan School of Pharmacy,Kanchanbagh, Zafargarh, Hyderabad – 500 258.46
12.Shadan College of Pharmacy,Peerancheru, Hyderabad-500 008.11
13.Andhra Yuvathi Mandali School of Pharmacy for Women, 3-4-759/4, Barkathpura, Hyderabad-0277H
14.Teegala Ram  Reddy College of Pharmacy,

Meerpet, Saroor Nagar (M), Hyderabad – 500 079.

15.St.Mary’s College of Pharmacy,9-1-248, St.Francis Street, Secunderabad-500 025.DE
16.Teegala Krishna Reddy College of Pharmacy,

Medbowli, Meerpet, Saroornagar, Hyderabad

17.Anwarul-Uloom College of Pharmacy,

New Mallepally, Hyderabad.

18.RGR Siddhanthi College (Co-education),

Sy.No.703, Bolton Road, Opp.Tivoli Gardens, Secunderabad – 500 003.

19.Bojjam Narasimhulu Pharmacy College for Women,

Vinay Nagar, Saidabad, Hyderabad – 500059.



CLUSTER-XIX (Nizamabad)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Vijay Institute of Technology & Science,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Marakal (M), Sadasiv Nagar, Kamareddy  (RD),Nizamabad District.N5
2.Kamareddy Engg. College, Devanpally, Kamareddy (M), Nizamabad Dt.U7
3.Gnyana Saraswati College of Engineering & Technology,Dharmaram (V), Dichpally (M),       Nizamabad Dist.AU
4.Sudheer Reddy College of Engineering & Technology for Women, Keshapoor Road, Bardhipur(GP),       Dharmaram (P), Dichpally (M),        Nizamabad Dist.UA
5.Srinivasa Engineering College,       BANSWADA.503187,(Nizamabad District).B5
6.Vijay Rural Engineering College, Rochis Valley,Manikbhandar, NIZAMABAD-503 003.29
7.Arkay College of Engineering& Technology,Achanpally, BODHAN-503180,      (Nizambad      District).80
8.Srinivas Reddy Institute of Technology, Munipalli  village Armoor (Via),      (Nizamabad District).B3
9.Kshatriya College of Engineering,Armoor, (Nizamabad District)- 503 224.B4
10.Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science for Women, Mnikbhandar (V), Makloor (M),        Nizambad Dist.6B
11.Vijaya College of Engineering for Women, Manikbandar (V), Nizambad (Mdl & Dist)-503003.7E
12.Ganga Pharmacy College,Das Nagar, Borgaon (K), Nizamabad1D
13.Tirumala College of Pharmacy,Bardipur, Tirumalanagar,

Dichpalli (M), Nizamabad Dist-503 230.

14.Vijay College of Pharmacy,Rochis Valley, Manikbhandar,




S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Nirmal Engineering College,Chennur Road, Mancherial-504 208,(Adilabad District).94
2.A.M.R Institute of Technology,Mavalla Village, Adilabad Mandal, Adilabad Dist. A.P.FG
3.Aizza College of Engineering & Technology,Mulkalla, Mancherial-504 209,(Adilabad District),79



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Sree Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology & Science,Chowdarpally (V), Devarkadra Mandal,      Mahaboobnagar-509 204.57
2.Sri Kottam Tulasi Reddy Memorial College of Engg.,KONDAIR (V), Itikyala (M),      (Mahaboobnagar Dist.)- 509 125.93
3.Vivekananda Institute of Science & Information Technology,Chattanpally (V), Farroqnagar (M),       Mahabubnagar Dist-509216.UH
4.Jayaprakash Narayan College of Engineering,Dharmapur,           Mahaboobnagar-509 002.36
5.Kottam Institute of P.G. Studies,Kondair, Itikyala (M), Mahaboobnagar Dist.5J
6.Sri Nagoji Rao Institute of Technology for Women, Sy.No.316A, 317/E, 318/1,2, 319/EE, 319/VU, 321/1/AA, Tirumala Hills, Appannapalli, Mahabubnagar-509002.6W
7.Jayaprakash Narayan Educational Society Group of Institutions, School of Engineering & School of Pharmacy.,3-81, Christian Pally (V), Boothpur Road, Mahabubnagar Dist-509 001.7U
8.Kottam Institute of Advanced Studies, Kondair(V), Itikyal(M),  Mahabubnagar Dist-509125.8F
9.Dhanvanthri College of Pharmaceutical Sciences,SyNo.324/A, Yedira Grampanchayath,

Mahabubnagar Dist-509001.

10.Gayatri Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research Centre, Sy.No.33&463, Farooqnagar (V & M), Nagulapally Road, Shadnagar, Mahabubnagar Dist.1E
11.Cyberabad Institute of Technology,Kammadanam (v), Shadnagar(M),

Mahabunagar Dist.

12.Gayatri Institute of Technology & Sciences, Rajapet, Wanaparthy,

Mahabubnagar Dist-509103

13.TRV College of Engineering & Technology,

Undavalli (v), Manopad (M), Mahabubnagar Dt.509153

14.Moonray Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Raikal, Mahabubnagar Dist.

15.Kottam Institute of Pharmacy,Erravalli ‘X’ Roads, Thimmapur (V), Itikyal (M),

Mahaboobnagar Dist – 509 125.



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Gandhi Academy of Technical Education,Ramapuram (V), Chilkuru (M), Nalgonda Dist-508206.QE
2.Kodada Institute of Technology & Science for Women,Near Raganigudi, Ananthagiri Road,       Kodad (V &M). Nalgonda Dist-508206.QU
3.New Netaji Institute of Technology,Toopranpet (V), Choutuppal (M),    Near Ramoji Film City,

Nalgonda Dist-508252.

4.Sana College of Engineering Technology & Research Institute,NH-9, Kodad, Nalgonda Dist.TN
5.Adusumalli Vijaya College of Engg. & Research Centre,Mysireddypally(V), Bommalaramaram (M),       Nalgonda Dist.DN
6.Swami Ramananda Tirtha Institute of Science & Technology,Ramananda Nagar, SLBC Post,      NALGONDA-508 004.14
7.Sri Venkateswara Engg. College,   SURYAPET-508 213.  (Nalgonda District)63
8.Madhira Institute of Technology & Science, Madhira Nager, Palleannaram (Post),      Chilkur (M), Kodad,Nalgonda (D) Pin:508 238.G7
9.Mona College of Engineering & Technology,Gollaguda(V), Nalgonda Dist.J7
10.Aravindaksha Educational Society’s Group of Institutions,Balemla (V), Suryapet (M), Nalgonda Dist. 508 376.7N
11.Sri Sai Educational Society’s Group of Institutions,Gate School of Engineering,       Gate School of Pharmacy,Ramapuram (V), Kodad (P), Chilkur (M),       Nalgonda Dist. 508206.8B
12.Kamakshi College of Engineering & Technology,

Durajpalli (V), Chivvemla (M),Suryapet, Nalgonda Dist. 508214.

13.RKLK  PG College

Suryapet, Nalgonda Dist-508213.

14.Deevana College of Pharmacy,Chivemla (V & M), Near Suryapet,Nalgonda Dist.A.P.EQ



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Progressive Engineering College,  Cheekatimamidi (V), Via: Bhongir,Bommalaramaram (M), Nalgonda Dist-508 116.K0
2.Sri Sarada Institute of Science and Tech,Anantharam (V) , Bhongir (M),       Nalgonda Dist.X8
3.Vishnu Sree Institute of Technology,Yavapur (V), Jalalpur (GP),    Bommalaramaram(M),       Nalgonda Dist.UT
4.KBR Engineering College,Pagidipalli (V), Bhongir (M),      Nalgonda Dist.QN
5.Madhira College of Engineering, Madhira Nagar, Paleannaram (V), Chilkur (M),        Nalgonda Dist.RF
6.Nalgonda Institute of Technology & Sciences,Charlapally (V), Hyderabad Road,       Nalgonda Dist.RR
7.Adusummilli Vijaya Institute of Technology & Research Centre,Mysireddypally (V), Bommalaramaram (M),       Nalgonda Dist5G
8.Nagarjuna Institute of Technology & Science,Srinivasa Nagar, Miryalguda,      (Nalgonda District) – 508 207.58
9.Anurag Engineering College,   Ananthagiri, Kodad Mandal. 508 206.       (Nalgonda District)C1
10.Khader Memorial College of Engineering &       Technology,KONDABHEEMANPALLY(VILLAGE),        DEVARAKONDA(MANDAL) -508 248,       Gaxi Nagar, Nalgonda.J3
11.Sana Engineering College,       Kodad, Nalgonda-508 206.M8
12.Mina Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Near Fire Station, amachandragudem, Miryalaguda,         Nalgonda Dist-508207.RQ
13.Ramananda Tirtha Engineering College,Ramananda Nagar, Cherla Gouraram (V),  SLBC (Post), Kanagal (M), Nalgonda Dist.5C
14.Madhira Institute of Technology & Sciences, Madhira Nagar, Paleannram (Post), Chilkur (M), Kodad, Nalgonda Dist-508 238.AE
15.Pratishtha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Doorajpally Village, Nalgonda Dist.CK
16.Venkateshwara Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Charlapally (V), Nalgonda Dist.A.P.EP
17.Teja College of Pharmacy,Behind APSRTC Bus depot, Kodad, Nalgonda Dist.A.P.ET
18.Swami Ramananda Tirtha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Charla Gouraram (V), SLBC Post,  Ramananda Nagar, Nalgonda – 508 004.

19.Sana College of Pharmacy,NH-9, Kodad, Nalgonda DistFT
20.Swami Vivekananda Institute of Phamaceutical Sciences,

Vangapad (V), Hasanparthi (M), Yadagirigutta, Nalgonda Dist

21.Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Vignan Hills, Deshmukhi (V), Pochampally (M), Nalgonda Dist.

22.Anurag Pharmacy College, Ananthagiri (V), Kodad (M), Nalgonda Dist-508206.Z1



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Talla Padmavathi College of Engineering,Tekulagudem (Somidi), Kazipet,         Warangal-506003.UC
2.Varadha Reddy College of Engineering, Ananthasagar (V), Hasanparthy (M),       Warangal DistUN
3.Christu Jyoti Institute of Technology & Science,Colombonagar, Yeshwanthapuram Post,Jangaon (RD),     Warangal District PIN: 506 157.68
4.Balaji Institute of Technology & Science, Laknepally, Narasampet.506 331. Warangal DistC3
5.Vidya Bharathi Institute of Techonology,Pembarthi,  Jangaon Mdl.,       Warangal Dist-506 201.J9
6.Balaji Institue of Engineering & Sciences, Laknepally Village, Narsampet,      Warangal Dist-506 331 A.P.AN
7.SVS Institute of Technology,HNo. 1-96, Bheemaram(V),       Hasanparthy(M), Warangal Dist- 506 015.TK
8.Prasad Engineering College,    Shameerpet (V), Jangaon (M), Warangal Dist. 506 167.6L
9.Sahasra College of Engineering for Women,Vangapahad(V), Hasanparthy(M),      Warangal Dist506007.6R
10.Sujala Bharathi Institute of Technology,2-4/1, Ogulapur (V), Atmakur (M), Warangal Dt.A.P.6X
11.Sumathi Reddy Institute of Technology, Ananthasagar Village, Hasanparthy Mandal,    Warangal Dist.-506 371.A.P.6Y
12.Aarushi Group of Institutions, Punnal (V), Wardhannapet (M),


13.Pragathi Pharmacy College,Pembarthi (V), Janagaon (M),

Warangal Dist – 506167.

14.Rosory College of Pharmacy,Yellapur (V), Hasanparthy (M), Warangal Dist – 506371.EN
15.Learner’s Land College of Pharmacy,

Orus, 100ft By-pass Road, Warangal.

16.Sree Nagarjuna College of Pharmacy, Kadipikonda Village,

Hanumakonda Mandal, Warangal Dist.



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Vaagdevi Engineering College,   Bollikunta, Warangal Dist-506005.UK
2.Vaagdevi College of Engineering,    BOLLIKUNTA-506 005, Sangam Mandal,     (Warangal District)64
3.Ramappa Engineering College,       ShyamPet Jagir, Hunter road,        Hanmakonda, Warangal 506 00187
4.Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences, Muqdumpuram (V), Chennaraopet(M), Narasampet-506 332. (Warangal District)C4
5.SR Engineering College, Ananthasagar (V),Hasnaparthy (M), Warangal District-506 371.K4
6.Ganapathy Engineering College,       Rangasaipet, Warangal- 506 002.S5
7.Ganapathy College of Engineering, Hunter  Road,Rangasaipet,         Warangal Dist- 506 005.QD
8.Apex Engineering College,       Vishwanadhapuram (V), Geesugonda (M),         Warangal Dist.5R
9.Pathfinder Engineering College,    Thimmapur, Hanmakonda,   Warangal-506005.6K
10.Supraja Institute of Technology & Sciences, Nemaligonda(V), Ghanpur,    Warangal Dist-506114.7A
11.Balaji Institute of Management Sciences,Laknepally (V), Narsampet (M),      Warangal Dist. 506331.8C
12.Jayamukhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Moqdumpuram (V), Chennaraopet (M), Warangal Dist.

13.Vaagdevi Pharmacy College,Bollikunta (V), Warangal.ED
14.Prasad Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vikas Nagar, Janagaon,

Warangal Dist.

15.St.Peters College of Pharmacy,Main Road, ModikondaVillage,

Khazipet, Warangal Dist.

16.Sree Chaitanya P.G. College (MCA),LMD Colony, Thimmapur (V & M),

Karimnagar Dist.505 527

17.Sree Chaitanya P.G. College(MBA),LMD Colony, Thimmapur (V & M),

Karimnagar Dist.505 527.

18.SRM PG College (MCA),Chintakunta Road, Karim Nagar.VA
19.Jyothismathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, (Formerly Aravinda College of Pharmacy), Ramakrishnapur Colony, Thimmapur, Karimnagar.Z2


CLUSTER-XXVI (Karimnagar)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology & Science,Ramakrishna Colony, Nustulapur,     KARIMNAGAR-505 481.27
2.Jyothishmathi Institute of Technological Science.,Ramakrishna Colony, Nustulapur,      Karimnagar-505481.QK
3.Vivekananda Institute of Technology & Science,   Bommakal, Karim Nagar District.N6
4.Vaageshwari College of Engineering,LMD Police Station, Ramakrishna clolony,      Karim Nagar. A.PS4
5.Sree Chaitanya Institute of Technological Sciences.LMD Colony, Thimmapur (M),    Karimnagar Dist-505527.TR
6.G  VITS Women’s Engineering College,Karimnagar.7G
7.Sree Chaitanya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

LMD Colony, Thimmapur (M), Karimnagar Dist

8.CVM College of Pharmacy, Po: Velichala, Ramadugu (M).

Karimnagar Dist-505451.

9.Vaageswari Engineering College,      Beside LMD Police Station, RamakrishnaColony,        Karimnagar –505481.UM
10.Sri Chaitanya College of Engineering,LMD Colony, Thimmapur, Karimnagar District.N0
11.Vaageswari Institute of Management Sciences, Beside LMD Police Station,     Ramakrishna colony,       Karimnagar-505481.2E
12.Dr.V.R.K. College of Engineering &Technology, Ramannapet (GP), SIVARNOOKAPALLY (V),Mallial Mandal, Jagtial,      (Karimnagar Dist)  PIN: 505 452.92
13.Vivekananda Institute of Technology & Science,Malkapur, Godavari Khani,        Karim Nagar District. A.P.N9
14.Sahaja Institute of Tech & Sciences for women,Rekurthy, Kothapally (H),        Karimnagar Dist-505451TM
15.Sree Chaitanya Institute of Management & Computer Sciences,LMD Colony, Thimmapur, Karimnagar.1R
16.Sahaja School of Business,Sy. No.264, Rangampally,

Peddapally Mandal, Karim Nagar Dist.



CLUSTER-XXVII (Peddapalli)

S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Kamala Institute of Technology & Science,Singapur, HUZURABAD-505 468,      KARIMNAGAR (District).28
2.Sindhura College of Engineering & Technology,NTPC Jyothinagar, Ramagundam,  Godavarikhani,        (Karimnagar District)-505 209.B7
3.Trinity College of Engineering & Technology,        Peddapally,         Karimnagar.UD
4.Mother Theressa College of Engineering & Technology, Peddabonkuru (Village) P.P.Colony (P.O) ,PEDDAPALLI (Mandal)       Karimnagar – 505 174.


5.Shantha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bomapally (V), Huzurabad (M),

Karimnagar Dist.

6.Nigama Engineering College,     Sambaiahpally (V),        Karimnagar-505186.TD
7.Trinity College of Engineering & Technology,Saleh Nagar, Rekurthi,          Karimnagar Dist-505002.UE



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Dr.Paul Raj Engineering College,       Lakshmidevipet, Meduvai,BHADRACHALAM-507 111,      (Khammam District).37
2.Sai Spurthi Institute of Technology,              B.Gangaram Village,Sathupally Mandal.507 303,       (Khammam District).C5
3.Sri Kavitha Engineering College, Karpally,  Yellandu.507 122,      (Khammam District).C8
4.Swarna Bharathi Institute of Science& Technology,Pakabanda, Khammam District.M6
5.Sarada Institute of Tech & Science,Sarada Nagar, Raghunathapalem,      Khammam – 507 002.U8
6.Sree Rama Institute of Technology & Sciences,Kuppenakuntla (V), Penuballi,      Khammam DistX6
7.Abdul Kalam Institute of Technological Sciences,Vepalagadda (V), Kothagudem (M),        Khammam Dist.EK
8.Anu Bose Institute of Technology,KSP Road, New Paloncha,       Khammam Dist-507115PP
9.K.L.R.College of Engineering & Technology, Bhadrachalam Road, Paloncha, Khammam Dist.QT
10.Bomma Institute of Informatics,Beside Bomma Institute of Technology,        Allipuram,  Khammam.2C
11.Medha Institute of Science & Technology for Women, Peddathanda(V), Khammam Rural  Mandal & Dist, Khammam-507 003.6C
12.Mother Teresa Pharmacy College,Sanketika Nagar, Sathupally,

Khammam Dist. 507 303

13.KLR Engineering College,SCB Nagar, Ramavaram, Kothagudem,

Khammam Dist. 507118

14.Vageswari Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Beside LMD  Police Station,

RamaKrishna Colony, KarimNagar

15.Sree kavitha College of Management & Information Technology, Thanikella (V), Konijerla (M), Khammam-507305.



S.NOName of the college and addressCode
1.Adam’s Engineering College, H. No. 5-101/70/1,      PALONCHA-507 115,       (Khammam District),65
2.Mother Teresa Institute of Science & Technology,  Kothur,Sathupally.507 303.     (Khammam District).C6
3.SRR Engineering College, Karepally Post, Singareni Mandal, Yellandu- 507 122,        (Khammam District).E6
4.Bomma Institute of Tech., & Science,Allipuram (V), Behind Eenadu Office,         KhammamU3
5.Swarna Bharathi College of Engineering,Maddulapally (V),       Khammam Dist. 507 002.W0
6.Vijaya Engineering College,Ammapalem, Thanikella, Konijerla (M),        Khammam DistBR
7.Daripally Anantha Ramulu College of Engineering & Technology, Satyanarayanapuram(Kothur), Gandhi Chowk(P),Khammam Distic- 507 003.HD
8.Khammam Institute of Technology & Sciences,SyNo.393/EE, 392/EE3, 398/A,       Ponnekal (V), Khammam Dist-507003.QP
9.Laqshya Institute of Technology & Sciences,Tanikella (V), Konijerla (M),        Khammam-507305.RC
10.Pulipati Prasad Institute of Technology & Science,Sri Balaji Nagar, Near Ammapalem (V),      Wyra Road, Khammam Dist.TJ
11.Mohammadiya Institute of Technology, Barugudem, Arempula,         Khammam-507 163.6D
12.Sreekavitha Institute of Science & Technology, Krishna Puram (V), Madhira (M),          Khammam Dist. 507203.6U
13.Bomma Institute of Pharmacy,Behind Bomma Institute of Tech. & Science,

Allipuram, Khammam-507318.

14.Dhanvanthari Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sujatha Nagar, Kothagudem,

Khammam Dist.A.P.


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