PTU B-tech Civil Engineering Question Papers Sem wise || Punjab Technical University

3rd Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)
(CE-201) Survey-I Dec. 2009
(CE-201) Survey-1 May-2009
(CE-201) Survey-1 Dec.2008
(CE-203) Fluid Machanics-1 May-2009
(CE-203) Fluid Mechanics-I Dec.2008
(CE-203) Fluid Mechanics-I Dec.-2007
(CE-205) Building Material May-2009

(CE-207) Solid Mechanics Dec. 2009
(CE-207) Sold Mechanics Dec.2007
(CE-209) Lab-1(Fluid Mechanics-1)
(CE-211) Lab-II(Solid Mechanics)3
(CE-213) Workshop Training of 4 Weeks duration after 2nd semester
(HU-253) Principals of Economics and Management
(HUM-253) Principals of Economics and Management May-2008
(HM-253) Principals of Economics and Management Dec.-2007

(HM-253)Principals of Economics and Management Dec.2009
4th Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)

(CE-202) Survey-II
(CE-204) Fluid Mechanics-II
(CE-204) Fluid Mechanics-II May-2008
(CE-206) Building Construction May-2009 (CE-206) Building Construction May-2008
(CE-208) Structural Analysis-I May-2009 (CE-208) Structural analysis-I May-2008
(CE-208) Structural analysis-I Dec.2007
(CE-210) Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology May-2009
(CE-210) Rock (Mechanics and Engineering Geology May-2008
(CE-210) Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology Dec.-2007
(CE-216) Environmental Science May-2009
(CE-216) Environmental ScienceDec.-2008
(CE-216) Environmental Science May-2008

5th Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)

(CE-301) Construction Machinery and Works Management May-2009
(CE-301) Construction Machinery and Works Management Dec.-2008
(CE-301) contruction Machinery and Works Management May-2008
(CE-303) Design of steel Structures-I Dec.-2007
(CE-303) Design of steel Structures-I May 2008
(CE-303) Dsign
(CE-303) Steel Structures Dec.-2007
(CE-305) Structural analysis-II -May-2009
(CE-305) Structural analysis-II *
(CE-305) Structural analysis-II May-2008 *
(CE-305) Structural Analysis-II Dec. 2008
(CE-305) Structural Analysis-II Dec.-2007 *
(CE-307) Design of Concrete Structures May-2009
(CE-307) Design of Concrete Structures-I Dec.2008
(CE-307) Design of Concrete Structures-I Dec.-2007
(CE-309) Environmental Engineering-I May-2009
(CE-309) Environmental Engineering-I
(CE-309) Environmental Engineering-I Dec.-2007
(CE-309) Environmental Engineering-I May-2008
(CE-311) Transporation Engineering-I May-2009
(CE-311) Transportation Engineering-I Dec.-2007

6th and 7th Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)

(CE-302) Transportation Engineering-II
(CE-302) Transportation Engineering-II May-2008

(CE-302) Transportation Engineering -II Dec.2009

(CE-302) Transporation Engineering May-2009
(CE-304) Geo technical Engineering Dec.2009
(CE-304) Geo Technical Engineering May-2008
(CE-306) Irrigation Engineering-I Dec.2009
(CE-306) Irrigation Engineering-I May-2008
(CE-306) Irrigation Engineering-I Dec.-2007
(CE-308) Professional Practice Dec.2009
(CE-308) Professional Practice May-2008
(CE-310) Design of Concrete Structures-II Dec.2009
(CE-310) Design of Concrete Structures-II
(CE-310) Design of Concrete structures-II Dec.-2007
CE-312) Structural analysis-III
(CE-312) Structural Analysis-III May-2008
(CE-216) Environmental Science Dec.2009

8th Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)

(CE-402) Hydrology and Dams May-2009
(CE-402) Hydrology and Dams May-2008
(CE-404) Earthquake Resistant Structures May-2009
(CE-404) Earthquake Resistant Structures Dec. 2009
(CE-404) Earthquake Resistant structures May-2008
(CE-406) Environmental Engineering-II May-2009

(CE-406) Environmental Engineering-II Dec.2009
(CE-408) Design of Steel Structures Dec.2009
(CE-408) Design of Steel Structures-II May-2009
(CE-408) Design of steel Structures-II May-2008
(CE-410) Irrigation Engineering-II May-2009
(CE-410) Irrigation Engineering-II Dec.-2007
(CE-412) Foundation Engineering Dec. 2009
(CE-412) Foundation Engineering May 2009
(CE-412) Foundation Engineering May-2008
(CE-412) Foundation Engineering Dec.-2007




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