PTU B.Tech 3D Animation Graphics 6th Semester May 2019 56554 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Question Papers

PTU Punjab Technical University B-Tech May 2019 Question Papers 6th Semester 3D Animation Graphics CSE-IT

Roll No.
Total No. of Pages : 02
Total No. of Questions : 09
B.Tech.(3D Animation & Graphics) (2012 Onwards OE)
Subject Code : ME-251
M.Code : 56554
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks : 60
SECTION-A is COMPULSORY consisting of TEN questions carrying T WO marks
SECTION-B contains FIVE questions carrying FIVE marks each and students
have to attempt any FOUR questions.
SECTION-C contains T HREE questions carrying T EN marks each and students
have to attempt any T WO questions.

Q1 Answer briefly :

(a) Mention any four principles of TQM.

(b) What do you understand by the term Kaizen?

(c) Why is the Pareto principle called as 80-20 rule?

(d) Define strategic planning.

(e) What is the driving force behind QFD?

How does Generic benchmarking differ from Competitive benchmarking?

(g) What is PDCA cycle?

(h) What is the acronym for FMEA?

What is quality assurance?

Is ISO certification product based or process based? Explain briefly.

1 | M - 56554


Q2. Explain the contributions of Juran to the quality movement.
Q3. How a successful quality circle programme can be established in an Industry?

Q4. What if Quality function deployment? How house of quality is built? Explain exhaustively.
Q5. Discuss the customer complaint redressal mechanism adopted by manufacturing
organization while adopting TQM.

Q6. Explain the documentation process in ISO 9001-2000 systems.

Q7. (a) Explain the role of leadership in TQM implementation.

(b) Explain the elements, benefits and equipment layout for JIT system.

Q8. (a) What are your suggestions for recognition and reward for employees in implementing

quality systems successfully?

(b) Describe the new seven tools of quality and their applications.

Q9. (a) What is benchmarking? Explain the procedure for conducting benchmarking study in

an organizations?

(b) Write short note on Design of experiments.

NOTE : Disclosure of Identity by writing Mobile No. or Making of passing request on any
page of Answer Sheet will lead to UMC against the Student.

2 | M - 56554


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