Download MBBS UHS Lahore 1st Year Physiology II MCQ Question Paper

Download MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) UHS Lahore (University of Health Sciences Lahore) 1st Year Physiology II MCQ Previous Year Question Paper




(Multiple Choice Questions)


A patient with an acid base disturbance shows in his arterial blood pH = 7.3,



2 =70 mmHg (Normal = 40 mmHg) and HCO3 = 38 mEq/L (Normal = 24

mEq/L). He is most likely suffering from:

a) Metabolic acidosis

b) Metabolic alkalosis

c) Compensated metabolic acidosis

d) Uncompensated respiratory acidosis

e) Partially compensated respiratory acidosis


If a sharp painted object touches the foot of a person, the foot is

immediately withdrawn from the object involuntarily. This action involves

the receptors:

a) Free nerve endings

b) Hair follicle receptors

c) Meissner's corpuscles

d) Pacinion corpuscles

e) Ruffini's end organs


A middle aged man present with tremors during voluntary action,

incoordinate movements, pendular knee jerk and staggering gait. The man is

most likely having lesion of:

a) Basal ganglia

b) Cerebral cortex

c) Cerebellum

d) Hypothalamus

e) Thalamus


A middle aged woman consults her physician with the complaints of

weakness and increased pigmentation of skin of hands, elbows and other

parts of the body. Her arterial blood pressure was 90/60 mmHg, Blood

glucose (fasting) = 70 mg/dl and raised serum ACTH level. She was most

likely suffering from:

a) Addison's disease

b) Hypopituitarism

c) Hypoparathyroidism

d) Myxedema

e) Pheochromocytoma


An obese stocky and short statured child with mental retardation is most

likely suffering from:

a) Addison's disease

b) Cretinism

c) Cushing's syndrome

d) Adrenal adenoma

e) Dwarfism


A middle aged man has enlargement of hands and feet, protrusion of the

lower jaw, enlargement of the nose and supraorbital ridges and hunched

back. He is most likely suffering from:

a) Acromegaly

b) Gigantism

c) Hyperparathyroidism

d) Pheochromocytosis

e) Thyrotoxicosis


A middle aged woman has obesity, increased thirst, excessive urine

excretion, increased appetite and tiredness. She is most likely suffering


a) Acromegaly

b) Cushing's syndrome

c) Pheochromocytoma

d) Type 2 diabetes mellitus

e) Thyrotoxicosis


A man wants to swallow a very bitter tablet. He must avoid contact of the

tablet with the:

a) Back of the tongue

b) Hard palate

c) Sides of the tongue

d) Tip of the tongue

e) Under surface of the tongue

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