Download OU B.Sc Computer Science 6th Sem Numerical Analysis Important Questions

Download OU (Osmania University) B.Sc Computer Science 6th Sem Numerical Analysis Important Question Bank For 2021 Exam

Subject Title: Numerical Analysis
Prepared by: S. Shravani
Year: III
Semester: VI
Updated on: 22-03
Unit - I: Solutions of equations in one variable
Use Bisection method to find solutions accurate to within 10
for the given
Use fixed point method to determine solution to the given functions on given intervals using
initial approximations and finding fixed points to the given functions by manipulating f(x)
Newtons method ,secant method,false position method (problems to find root or solutions withi
in 10
= 0,1,2 ... )
Order of convergence definition and problems to find limit,aitkens
method problems
Using Steffensens method find first n terms(n=0,1,2....k)
Mullers method(finding root using f(x) in [a,b])
All practical problems
Unit - II: Interpolation and polynomial approximation
Constructing lagrange interpolating polynomial of degree one, two, three...and finding absolute
Define nevilles method and problems depending on nevilles,finding unknown terms in table
Write divided difference formula and construct the interpolating polynomial of degree one ,
two,three....(newton forward,newton backward)
10. Hermite interpolation(working rule,problems on hermite both with respect to interpolating
functions and divided difference table and finding absolute errors)
11. Cubic spline(construction of cubic spline,natural cubic spline conditions and clamped cubic
spline conditions)
12. Practical problems
Unit - III: Numerical differentiation and integration
13. Three and five point formulas with conditions(finding missing entries ,error bounds,and
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14. Define extrapolation problems using richardsons extrapolation(finding approximation of given
15. Use mid point, Trapezoidal rule, simpsons rule to approximate the givendefinite integral
16. Using quadrature formula finding the constant values to the given integral function,finding
absolute error
17. Use composite trapezoidal, mid point,simpsons rule to approximate the given integral(even
when data is given )
18. Romberge integration (problems,finding unknown terms,formula,even when data is given
approximate the given integral)
19. Adaptive quadrature method,formula (approximating the integral by adaptive quadrature
method with in 10
= 0,1,2 ... ))
20. Gaussian quadrature method,formula(approximating the integral by Gaussian quadrature by
taking n=1,2,3...k ada finding constants)
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