Download B.Pharm 3rd Year 2020 December 564266 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Question Paper

Download B.Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 3rd Year (Third Year) 2020 December 564266 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Previous Question Paper

[LR 1220] DECEMBER 2020 Sub. Code: 4266



THIRD YEAR ? (Regulation from 2009-2010)


Q.P. Code: 564266

Time: Three hours

Answer ALL questions Maximum: 100 Marks

I. Elaborate on:

(2 x 20 = 40)

1. Define Bacteria and explain in detail about structure and reproduction of Bacteria.
2. Describe the types of Immunity with examples and explain the types of antigen-

antibody reactions.

II. Write notes on:

(8 x 5 = 40)

1. Explain in detail about Heat sterilization.
2. Discuss any two methods of evaluation of disinfectant.
3. Describe the Microbiological Assay of Antibiotics by diffusion metho
4. Explain Type I Hypersensitivity reactions.
5. Describe Southern blot technique.
6. Illustrate the production of Citric aci
7. Explain the techniques of immobilization with examples.
8. Explain the reproduction method of yeast.

III. Short answers on:

(10 x 2 = 20)

1. Define Viral capsi
2. What is Fumigation?
3. Give examples for sterilization by chemical agents.
4. Define Single cell proteins with examples.
5. What is Transcription?
6. Give examples for killed Bacterial Vaccine.
7. Define Biosensor with examples.
8. What is Interferon?
9. Define Cell line.
10. Define Biological indicators with examples.


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