Download RGUHS M.Sc Nursing 2017 May 2nd Year 9641 Cardio Vascular And Thoracic Nursing Revised Scheme 3 Question Paper

Download RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) M.Sc Nursing (Masters in Nursing) 2017 May 2nd Year 9641 Cardio Vascular And Thoracic Nursing Revised Scheme 3 Previous Question Paper

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
Second Year M.Sc.(Nursing) Degree Examination - APRIL 2017
[Time: 3 Hours]
[Max. Marks: 80]
Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Nursing
(Revised Scheme 3)
Q.P. CODE : 9641
Your answers should be specific to the questions asked. Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.
4 X 15 = 60 Marks
Mrs. Asha, 52 years old women admitted to the ward with dysrrhythmias, chest pain, cyanosis
and weak peripheral pulse.
a) Define Cardiogenic shock.
b) Enumerate the causes and risk factors of cardiogenic shock and pathophysiology of
cardiogenic shock.
c) Discuss the management of patient with cardiogenic shock.
Mr. Prakash, 50 years old man admitted to the respiratory unit with complaints of wheezing,
shortness of breath and chest tightness and is diagnosed with Bronchial asthma.
a) List the causes and risk factors of bronchial asthma.
b) Describe the medical management of patient with status asthmaticus.
c) Discuss the nursing management of a patient with status asthmaticus.
A child is admitted with Rapid Heart Rate, breathlessness, sweating with crying and poor eating
and diagnosed as Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA).
a) Define Patent Ductus Arteriosus.
b) Explain the etiology and diagnostic evaluation.
c) Explain the management of child with PDA.
a) List the indications, modes of ventilation.
b) Principles and types of mechanical ventilators.
c) Discuss the role of nurse in weaning a patient off the ventilator.
SHORT NOTES (Answer any TWO)
2 X 10 = 20 Marks
Cardiac monitoring
Postural drainage
Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation
Arterial blood gas analysis
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