Why is Essay Writing So Difficult


Why is Essay Writing So Difficult

From my high school and college experience, writing essays was always a hustle, at least for most of the subjects.  I must admit that there were some that I was really good at, but in most cases, the highest I would score was B’s. Now come to think of it, it was not that writing an essay was very complicated, but rather the writing process was so boring that it made the whole experience unpleasant.

Having endured this situation for the better part of my first and second year in college, I finally found a solution to the question of why is essay writing so difficult?  This was the biggest breakthrough in my college life that changed my opinion on things I needed to re-evaluate into making essay writing fun.

Why is Essay Writing So Difficult

Why Are College Essay So Hard To Write

But before I let you in on the tips I learned to help with your written essays, let’s highlight the main reasons why writing assignments is so difficult.

– You are always aiming to score an A in every subject

– You are trying to draft something and use words that will impress your teacher

– You want to get your essay done within the least time limit

– You can’t help but get distracted by social media while working on your paper

So why do I think that these are the main reasons why it is difficult to write an essay? Well, social media distractions leave you with the least time to work on your essay. Thus you will be rushing to meet deadlines, and the number of words required, that you might end up missing on the main points. On the other hand, when you focus on impressing your professor or on getting the best grades, this creates too much pressure which then means that the writing process will no longer be fun.

More so, with such pressure, your subconscious will shot down, and this will limit your creativity. When you only focus on scoring an A, you will find yourself turning off some of your ideas which could end up being the best points. Thus, if you are given essay instructions where you are required to write a five-paragraph essay, you have to ensure that your paper meets these requirements. However, it is also important to include your real personality in your words expressions. Although this does not automatically guarantee high grades, you will sure have fun writing the work.

Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing

Ask for Help

This is one of the tips that helped me get through college and still manage to score good grades.  Writing good essays is every student’s target, but some subjects are too complicated to understand the concepts leave alone coming up with a piece of writing.  With tough topics, you have the option to source help from online educational platforms. With such sites, you only need to pay someone to do essay for you. Regardless of the subject, you are sure to find an expert who will correctly answer and undertake the necessary research to ensure that all the questions are properly handled.

So, how do you find someone to pay to do my essay? Well, several reliable platforms have highly qualified writers who ensure you receive perfect work with the required word count.  Before settling for a specific platform, make sure you read their reviews online.  Seeking such help also comes in handy when you have many assignments with limited deadlines.  You will have the peace of mind knowing you can trust someone to help with some of the workloads while you handle other subjects that you love.

Find Ways to Make the Writing Process Fun

Complicating and overthinking ideas makes writing so difficult. As earlier stated, making the process fun plays a crucial role in your creativity.  Thus, you will be in a better position to express yourself and give clear explanations of your key points in your academic papers.  Although this can be challenging, you can trigger your subconscious to come up with ways of making the process fun. For example, I find it fun to write when listening to music. This always works for me even when the topic is too hard.  Hence, take the time to explore some of the things that make you feel motivated to start writing assignment.

Start By Writing Five Original Sentences

Are essays so hard? If you are still feeling overwhelmed, then it is the high time to start small. Ideally, the standard three-point essay is made up of only five original sentences which are then anchored on supporting paragraphs. So what makes part of these five sentences? To begin, write the following sentences.

Thesis: This is the foundation of every essay as it highlights the main idea of the paper. It is usually the last sentences of the introduction part.

Body #1: This is the first main idea of your paper. As you write this part, make sure that the reader quickly understands your perception of the topic.

Body #2: This part should continue expounding the main point highlighted in the previous section. The section should not be too long, instead, focus on including a lot of support ideas.

Body #3: This is the section where you include other minor points that contribute to the topic. The mistake that most people make is to put these in the first part of the essay.

As you write this section, start by reinstating the thesis statement. This way, the reader will relate your conclusion with what you had highlighted in your thesis.

Writing essays can be the toughest tasks in the world for students. The thought that you will continue writing them even after high school can be overwhelming. However, from what we have discussed above, it shows that there are many ways you can incorporate to help with assignments. Some of the key points include seeking help from professional writers, finds ways to make the writing process fun, and lastly using the five original sentences. 


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