JNTU-KAKINADA: Clarification of doubts on credits, issue of PCs etc

JNTU-KAKINADA: Clarification of doubts on credits, issue of PCs etc


Sub: - Certain doubts in the minds of the students – Clarifications – Reg.
Students are contacting and mailing to the University officials with several doubts on credits, issue of PCs etc. The doubts are clarified below.

The last date for applying for PC is only for those who are already eligible and who want the PC for Visa, for higher studies etc., where as other students can apply even after the last date. The students who have written the supplementary examinations can apply for PC after the declaration of results, if they are eligible. If the student has to write the supplementary examinations in October/ November to acquire the credits, they can apply after acquiring the eligible credits. The date of issue will be mentioned in the certificate.

Students are raising a number of doubts on credits. A student has to study all the subjects for 224 credits, but even if he gets 216 credits and passes all the compulsory subjects, then he is eligible to apply for PC. In the PC there will not be any indication of Fail. But on the concerned semester marks memo “Fail” will be indicated and also on Consolidated Marks Memo (CMM) “Fail” will appear for those one/two subjects.

I advice all the students to apply for PC if they have got 224 credits. If a candidate is in urgency to submit the PC for Visa, for higher studies then he/she may apply for PC even they acquire 216 or 220 credits, because that may not affect them.

Suppose a CSE student fails in Operating Systems and Computer Organization courses and applies for a PC, this may affect in getting a job An ECE student who failed in VLSI and DSP subjects may not get admission in M.Tech. in VLSI/DSP specializations.Similarly for other branch students.

Therefore if there is no urgent requirement for PC, it is better, the students pass all the subjects and take PC. The students have the option to apply for PC at any time if it is required. They have to apply through ‘Tatkal’ if they require it immediately.

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