10 Plus (10+) Exam English And Math Question Papers

10 Plus (10+) Exam English And Math Question Papers And Materials

English  Exam  10+ Entrance Examination Question Papers

English  Exam Sample Paper
Time Allowed: 1 hour
Primary School:


•Read the passage in Section A and answer all the questions as fully as possible.
•Then choose one of the writing tasks in Section B.
•Section A is testing your reading skills and Section B is testing your writing skills.
•Check your work through carefully at the end of the exam.



Read the passage carefully and then answer ALL the questions. Write in full sentences and use your own words as much as possible.
Check your answers carefully for mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar when you have finished.
Love joy Mason is a lonely little girl who has made a garden on a sheltered corner of a bomb-site.

Tip’s camp was the best hidden for miles; screened by a bit of an old wall, it was like an igloo built of rubble; there was only a little hole, close to the ground, by which to go in and out; even the smallest of boys had to lie down and wriggle. Outside it looked just another pile of bricks and stones; inside it had bunks made of orange boxes, an old meat-safe for keeping things in and an older cooking-stove in which it was possible to light a fire or heat up a sausage or soup over a candle; drinks were kept in a hot-water bottle….

The gang had thought the camp completely secret but “She’s in there now,” said Sparkey breathlessly. “I just seen her go in.”
For a moment they stood still, then Tip put his two little fingers in the corners of his mouth and whistled. The next moment they went through the gap, down the bank and in the bomb-ruin. There was a violent noise of boots on stones, of hoots and cries as they hunted among the walls, then they found, and Lovejoy was surrounded.

One minute the garden was there, its stones arranged, the cornflowers growing, the grass green, the next there were only boots. To Lovejoy they were boots, though most of the boys wore shoes, but boys’ shoes with heavy steel tips to the soles and heels. She crouched where she was, while the boys smashed up the garden, trampled down the grass and kicked away the stones; the cornflower earth was scattered, the seedlings torn out and pulled in bits. In a minute no garden was left, and Tip picked up the trowel and fork and threw them far away across the rubble. “Now get out,” said Tip to Lovejoy.

Lovejoy stood up; she felt as if she were made of stone, she was so cold and hard, then, in a boy’s hand she saw an infinitesimal bit of green; he was rolling a cornflower between his finger and thumb; suddenly her chin began to tremble.

Now turn over and answer the questions in the spaces provided.

1. What makes Tip’s camp so hard to find? (3 marks)

2. How have the boys managed to make the inside of their camp
comfortable? (4 marks)

3.What are the boys surprised to find when they arrive at their
camp? (1 mark)

4.What impression do you get of the little garden that Lovejoy has
created at the bomb-site? (3 marks)

5. What do the boys do to Love joy’s garden? (5 marks)

6.What phrase does the writer use to describe Love joy’s reaction to the boys’ behaviour? Explain in your own words what this phrase means. (3 marks)

7.In the last paragraph, when Love joy sees ‘an infinitesimal bit of green’ in one boy’s hand, her chin begins to tremble.

a)Explain the meaning of ‘infinitesimal’. (1 mark)
b)Why do you think that this is the sight that causes Love joy to
begin to cry? (2 marks)

8. Explain the meaning of the following words in the passage. They are underlined for you in the passage. (3 marks)

c) rubble


[25 marks in total]
Section B  

Choose ONE of the following to write about. Pay close attention to your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Use the lines printed on the exam paper for your writing

1.Write the first few paragraphs of a story with the opening lines ‘ As soon as I pushed open the gate, I knew this was a special place.’
2.Write about a park or a garden that you know well. Describe it in some detail and explain your feelings towards it.

Please turn over to find the space for your writing.

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Year 6 examination


* Read the passage in Section A and answer all the questions as fully as possible.
* Then choose one of the writing tasks in Section B.
* You are told the number of marks available for each question.
* Check through your work carefully at the end of the exam.

Section A

Read the passage carefully and then answer the questions in full sentences. Check your writing carefully at the end for spelling and punctuation mistakes.
The writer, Roald Dahl, in his book ‘Boy’ describes many of his childhood experiences and the people he remembers from those years. One of them was a woman called Mrs. Pratchett.

Her name was Mrs. Pratchett. She was a small skinny old hag with a moustache on her upper lip and a mouth as sour as a green gooseberry.
She never smiled. She never welcomed us when we went in and the only times she spoke were when she said things like, ‘I’m watching you, so keep yer thieving fingers off them chocolates!’ Or ‘I don’t want you in ‘ere just looking around! Either you forks out or you gets out!’

But by far the most loathsome thing about Mrs. Pratchett was the filth that clung around her. Her apron was grey and greasy. Her blouse had bits of breakfast all over it, toast-crumbs and tea stains and splotches of dried egg-yolk. It was her hands, however, that disturbed us most. They were disgusting. They were black with dirt and grime. They looked as though they had been putting lumps of coal on the fire all day long. And do not please forget that it was these very hands and fingers that she plunged into sweet-jars when we asked for a pennyworth of Treacle Toffee or Wine Gums or Nut Clusters or whatever. There were precious health laws in those days, and nobody, least of all Mrs Pratchett, ever thought of using a little shovel for getting out all the sweets as they do today. The mere sight of her grimy hand with its black fingernails digging an ounce of Chocolate Fudge out of a sweet-jar would have caused a starving tramp to go running from the shop in disgust. But not us. Sweets were our life-blood. We would have put up with far worse than that to get them. So we simply stood and watched in sullen silence while this disgusting old woman stirred around inside the jars with her foul fingers.

The other thing we hated Mrs. Pratchett for was her meanness. Unless you spent a whole sixpence all in one go, she wouldn’t give you a bag. Instead you got your sweets twisted up in a small piece of newspaper, which she tore off a pile of old Daily Mirrors lying on the counter.

So you can well understand that we had it in for Mrs. Pratchett in a big way, but we didn’t know what to do about it. Many schemes were put forward but none of them was any good. None of them, that is, until suddenly, one memorable afternoon, we found a dead mouse.


1. Who was Mrs Pratchett? [2]
2. Describe in your own words what she looked like. [5]
3. Which two things did the children most hate about Mrs. Pratchett? [2]
4. What was especially revolting about Mrs. Pratchett’s hands? [2]
5. What kind of sweets did the children like to eat? [3]
6. What kind of bag did Mrs. Pratchett give people if they did not spend a whole sixpence? [2]

7. Write down one word from the passage which means the same as the following:        [ 4 marks ]
1.Having a sharp, biting taste like lemons or vinegar.
2.Pushed or dived into something.
3.A spade or scoop
4.Sulky or gloomy.

8. Explain what the following words mean in the passage. They are underlined for you.
1.hag                                                                      [ 5 marks]

Section B              [25 marks]

Choose ONE of the following titles for your writing task. Remember to check your work at the end for mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

1.Write about a person you either really like or dislike
2.Write a story which ends with the words  I wish I hadn’t done this.


10 Plus (10 +) Exam Sample Paper            Download

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List of Schools Offer Entry at 10+ Exam

Bishop’s Stortford College
Brighton College
City of London Freemen’s School
City of London School
Colet Court (11+ deferred entry)
Emanuel School
Hampton School
King’s College School
Kingston Grammar School
Old Palace School
Trinity School
Whitgift School


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