FEE Structure for various courses in Algappa University

Sl.NoName of the CourseFees
Schedule – I
1Under Graduate Courses – Theory40.00
2Under Graduate Courses – Practical60.00
3Under Graduate Courses – Practical(6 hours)90.00
4Post Graduate Courses – Theory85.00
5Post Graduate Courses – Practical(3 hours)100.00
6Post Graduate Courses – Practical (6 hours)115.00
7Post Graduate Courses – Project/Viva-Voce185.00
8M.B.A./M.C.A./M.Sc.(Comp.Sci.)- Theory185.00
9M.B.A./M.C.A./M.Sc.(Comp.Sci.) – Practical220.00
10M.C.A./M.Sc.(Comp.Sci.)etc – Project/Viva-Voce200.00
11M.B.M. Career Capsule130.00
12B.Ed. – Theory130.00
13B.Ed. – Practical190.00
14M.Ed. – Theory120.00
15M.Ed. – Practical190.00
16M.Ed. – Project265.00
17M.Phil. – Theory180.00
18M.Phil. – Practical180.00
19M.Phil. – Dissertation/Project250.00
20M.P.Ed.- Theory150.00
21M.P.Ed.- Practical190.00
22M.P.Ed.- Project225.00
23Late fee for submission of Dissertation/Project for every 6 months275.00
24U.G.Course Project Fee75.00
25Certificate Courses – Theory60.00
26Certificate Courses – Practical100.00
27Diploma Courses – Theory75.00
28Diploma Courses – Practical100.00
29Diploma Courses – Project125.00
30P.G. Diploma Courses – Practical120.00
31P.G. Diploma Courses – Project150.00
32P.G. Diploma Courses – Theory85.00
33Special Convocation – Ph.D. current year
34Special Convocation – U.G./P.G./Diploma courses current year
35Convocation for Certificate courses/Diploma courses currently
36Convocation for P.G.Diploma courses current year
Fee for Additional Pass Certificate
37U.G.Courses current year130.00
P.G.Courses current year150.00

Exemption From The Production of Attendance / Combination Private Appreance

Sl.NoName of the CourseFees
1Certificate & Diploma Courses225.00
2O.T.Preliminary & Final300.00
3B.A/B.Sc/B.Litt-Private Teacher Candidate375.00
4M.A/M.Sc/M.Com-Private Teacher Candidate525.00
5Checking Additions Of Marks-U.G Per Paper75.00
6Checking Additions Of Marks-P.G Per Paper75.00
7Condonation Of Attendance-I Category(Upto 10%)125.00
8Condonation Of Attendance-II Category(Upto 15%)250.00
9Revaluation Fee-Per Paper400.00
10Combination Of Attendance Within University Area-College To College350.00
11Combination Of Attendance From Other University To This University600.00
12Transfer From One College To Other College Within University & Also Regular College To Other Evening College Vice-Versa & From One College To Other500.00
13Cost Of Exemption Application90.00
14Duplicate Exemption Order325.00
15Late Fee For Exemption Application-1st 15 Days50.00
16Late Fee For Exemption Application -From 16th To 30 Days100.00
17Late Fee For Exemption Application-31st Day To 60th Day200.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Sl.NoName of the CourseFees
1Course Certificate
2Change Of Name Certificate
3Change Of Name Certificate-Duplicate
4Rank Certificate
5Rank Certificate-Duplicate
6Entrance Certificate
7Pass Certificate
8Pass Certificate-Duplicate
9Mark Sheet-Statement Of Marks25.00
10Mark Sheet- Statement Of Marks-Duplicate200.00
11Consolidation Of Marks Fee40.00
12Issue Of Identity Cards25.00
13Admission Fees55.00
14Examination Stationery Fee For University Students90.00

Special Convocation

Sl.NoName of the CourseFees
1Current Year260.00
2First 5 Year290.00
35 Years To 10 Years350.00
410 Years To 20 Years410.00
5More Than 20 Years670

Search Fees For Issue of Degree Certificate

Sl.NoName of the CourseFees
1For those qualified 5 Years earlier than the Date of Application25.00
2For those qualified 10 Years earlier than the Date of Application50.00

Other Fees

Sl.NoName of the CourseFees
1Cost of Application Forms(all)15.00
2Provisional Certificate110.00
3Duplicate Provisional Certificate200.00
4Duplicate Degree Certificate-Under Graduate & Post Graduate Courses
5Duplicate Degree Certificate-M.Phil/Ph.D
6Eligibility Certificate – Within India150.00
7Eligibility Certificate -Outside450.00
8Recognition Fee-Within India150.00
9Recognition Fee-Outside India450.00
10Change of Branch/Optional/Subject Centre of Exams600.00
11Duplicate Eligiblity Certificate -Within India300.00
12Duplicate Eligiblity Certificate -Outside India600.00
13Migration Certificate100.00
14Duplicate Migration Certificate(N.B.Those who doesn’t produced the damaged certificate will have to pay the following search fee)200.00
15Search fee-1st year to 4th year30.00
16Search fee-After 4 years but below 10 years90.00
17Search fee-Beyond 10 years within 20 years150.00
18Search fee-Above 20 years (N.B.Those who produced the damaged certificate will have to pay the following search fee)375.00
19Search fee-1st year to 4th year20.00
20Search fee-After 4 years but below 10 years45.00
21Search fee-Beyond 10 years within 20 years75.00
22Search fee-Above 20 years250.00
23Verification of Qualification(per address)150.00
24Last date of Examination Certificate90.00
25Official Transcript(each copy)70.00
26Registration of Graduate(Graduate constituency)10.00
27Condanation for break of studies400.00
28Transfer of students within India-Arts Science475.00
29Transfer from outside India to this University3000.00
30Transfer Regular to Evening/Part-Time Vice-Versa within University/College to other College500.00
31Permission tp study -Additional,Major,Ancl..700.00
32To Register as a metriculate50.00
33Fee for development of Infrastructural facility inUniversity(per student for all courses at entry)125.00
34Penalty Fee(First 7 days)15.00
35Penalty Fee(Second 7 days)60.00
36Convocation Fee for Ph.D upto 5 years-In absentia
37Convocation Fee for Ph.D upto 5 years-In person
38Convocation Fee for U.G/P.G(In person/In absentia)

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