Anna University Affiliated Colleges ? Procedure for Review Mark-Grade System May / June ( Mark/Credit System)


(Common Notification for the Revaluation Results Published on 25-08-2010 for M.E./M.Tech./M.B.A.)


1. Only candidates who have applied for the photocopy of the answer script are eligible to apply for review. There? is no restriction on the MARK/GRADE obtained by the candidate.

2. The answer script is to be valued and justified by a faculty member of the college, who handled the subject, and he/she should recommend for review with the breakup of marks for each question.

3. The application for review should be? forwarded by the Principal along with the requisition of the student with proper justification of the faculty member concerned on or before 31-08-2010.

4. The fee for review is Rs.3,000/-? and it should be paid in the form of demand draft drawn in favour of? the Controller of Examinations, Anna University,? Chennai ? 25.

5.? Grade System: If a candidate gets higher grade in review, the higher grade will be declared as the final grade. Only such candidates are eligible? for refund of sum of Rs.3,000/-.

6.? Mark System: If a candidate gets a higher mark in review, the higher mark obtained in review will be declared as the final mark. Refund of sum of Rs.3,000/- will be made only to
a) The candidates who have failed originally and obtained pass mark after review.
b) The candidates who have passed already and obtained an increase of 5 or more marks after review.
7. The refund will be made to the candidate through the Principal of the College in the form of demand draft drawn in the name of the candidate.

1. The Principals are requested to forward only the genuine representations of the candidates who have obtained the photocopy of the answer script to the Controller of Examinations for further review.

2. The last date for forwarding the review request is 01-09-2010.

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