Anna University ? Procedure To Apply For Transcripts

Location: The huge white building in the far interior of the highways department, two buildings to the left of Anna University campus

Problems: No xerox shop, no stationary shop at the place where you get transcripts. Nearest xerox shop is in Anna University ( near MU Canteen ), or at Madhya Kailash, Adyar. For stationary, Cooperative society near Main Building will do.

Stuff you need to buy: A large A3 green cloth cover ( like the one used for couriers ), Fevicol, pen [ Trust me, you will get NOTHING at the transcripts office, and its a loooooog walk to any stationary shop ]

Note: Lunch time approximately from 12.30 or 1 to 2 PM


  1. Decide which universities you are going to apply to.
  2. Find out from university website how many transcripts they require ? some take 2, some take 1
  3. Count total number of transcripts required, add 1 to that ( for backup ).
  4. Get one xerox copy of your marksheet [ front and back, on FULLSCAPE paper ] for each transcript you need. If you have finished college, get xerox copies of your degree also, front and back, on fullscape paper. If your marksheet is consolidated, take it on A3 paper.
  5. Take a DD addressed to Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai-25, for 200*no of required transcripts. Apparently they sometimes ask for list of universities and verification of date of birth, so take stuff for that also.
  6. Put the DD, the xerox copies and the originals in the A3 cloth cover.
  7. Write your Name, register number, college and branch on back of DD and on the A3 cover.
  8. Go to the Transcripts Office and ask for an application. Fill it up. Write the application number on DD and on A3 cover. Remember the application number, its the only proof you have submitted your originals.
  9. After about a week, go there with fevicol. The guy there will give you your attested photocopies back along with AU transcript covers. Put the photocopies in the covers and paste them.
  10. After you give the pasted covers to the guy there, he will give you back your originals after getting your sign on a form. Thats it


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