Annamalai University 486 B.A. History and Heritage Management – Question Papers

Annamalai-University BA-486 2015 Question Papers May

5001 Tamil Download
5002 Prose And Drama Download
5003 French Translation And Grammar Download
5013 Prose And Drama Kannada Download
5014 Tamil Download
5016 French Download
5017 History Of Malayalam Literature Download
5018 History Of Telugu Literature Download
5020 English Poetry And Drama Download
5029 Modern Governments Download
5098 Ancient History Of India Upto 1206 Ad Download
5099 History Of Europe Download
5100 Social And Cultural Heritage Download
5101 Indian Archaeology And Museology Download
5102 Social And Cultural History Of India Download
5103 History Of Indian Art And Architecture Download
5104 Principles Of Heritage Management Download
5105 Indian Epigraphy And Numismatics Download


All the question papers are uploaded in PDF format. When you click on the question paper link, a new window will open with question paper embedded in it. If in case you do not have PDF viewer installed in your system, you can download Adobe reader from official site.

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