JNTUH B-Tech CSE 2-2 2019 Bloom’s Taxonomy Question Paper (JNTU-Hyderabad)

JNTU Hyderabad (JNTUH) B-Tech 2019 Question Papers Second Year Second Semester (2-2) Computer Science Engineering (CSE)


134AK Blooms Taxonomy-Computer Organization Question Paper   Download



Code No: 134AK
B.Tech II Year II Semester Examinations, 2019
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 75

Note: This question paper contains two parts A and B.
Part A is compulsory which carries 25 marks. Answer all questions in Part A.
Part B consists of 5 Units. Answer any one full question from each unit.

PART A ( 25 Marks)
Question Bloom’s Level  Example L1 And L2

1 a Draw the block diagram of the digital computer and explain. L1 / L2
b Explain each of the basic computer registers and memory L2
c Show the register organization of the 8086. L1 / L2
d Briefly explain how the instructions AAA, AAS and DAA work in 8086. Give an
example for each. L2
e List the advantages of assembly language programming over machine language. L1 / L2
f Explain the function of the following signals of 8086. L2
g List 4 peripheral devices that produce an acceptable output for a person to
understand. L1 / L2
h Draw the block diagram to show the hardware for signed-magnitude addition and
subtraction and explain. L2
i Illustrate memory hierarchy in a computer system using a block diagram. L1 / L2
j A nonpipelined system takes 50ns to process a task. The same task can be
processed in a six-segment pipeline with a clock cycle of 10ns. Determine the
speedup ratio of the pipeline for 100 tasks. What is the maximum speedup that
can be achieved? L2

PART B ( 50 Marks)
Question Bloom’s Level  Example L2, L3, L4  And L5

2 Distinguish between a direct and an indirect address instruction? How many
references to memory are needed for each type of instruction to bring an operand
into processor register
A computer uses a memory unit with 256K words of 32 bits each. A binary
instruction code is stored in one word of memory. The instruction has four parts:
an indirect bit, an operation code, a register code part to specify one of 64
registers and an address part.
Analyze and find how many bits are there in the operation code, the register code
part and the address part?
Analyze and draw the instruction word format and indicate the number of bits in
each part.
Analyze and find how many bits are there in the data and address inputs of the
L3 / L4
3 Draw the block diagram of the control unit of a basic computer. With the help of
this diagram show the time relationship of the control signals assuming that SC is
cleared to 0 at time T3 if control signal C7 is active.
C7T3: SC0
C7 is activated with the positive clock transition associated with T1
L3 / L4
4 With a neat diagram explain the 8086 architecture. L5`

Determine the physical address given that the segment address is 1005H and
the offset is 5555H.


5 The contents of different registers are given below. Determine effective
addresses for direct, register indirect, register relative, based indexed and
relative based indexed addressing modes.
Offset (displacement) = 5000H
[AX]-1000H, [BX]-2000H, [SI]-3000H, [DI]-4000H, [BP]-5000H, [SP]-
6000H, [CS]-0000H, [DS]-1000H, [SS]-2000H, [IP]-7000H.   L5

6 Develop the flowchart and an assembly language program to add the contents
of the memory location 2000H:0500H to contents of 3000H:0600H and store
the result in 5000H:7000H.    L3 / L4


7 Develop a program to change a sequence of sixteen 2-byte numbers from
ascending to descending order.The numbers are stored in the data segment. Stoe
the new series at addresses starting from 6000H. Use the LIFO property of the
stack.  L3 / L4
8 Develop an algorithm in flowchart form for addition and subtraction of fixedpoint
binary numbers in signed-magnitude representation with the magnitudes
subtracted by the two microoperations   L3 / L4


9 A commercial interface unit uses the following names for the handshake lines
associated with the transfer of data from the I/O device into the interface unit.
The interface input handshake line is labeled STB(strobe) and the interface
output handshake line is labeled IBF (input buffer full). A low-level signal on
STB loads data from the I/O bus into the interface data register. A high-level
signal on IBF indicates that data item has been accepted by the interface.IBF
goes low after an I/O read signal from the CPU when it reads the contents of
the data register.

a) Construct a block diagram showing the CPU, the interface and the I/O device
together with interconnections among the 3 units.
Construct a timing diagram for the handshaking transfer.L3 / L4

Indentify whether the following constitute a control, status or data transfer
Skip next instruction if flag is set.
Seek a given record on a magnetic disk.
Check if I/O device is ready.
Move printer paper to beginning of next page.
Read interface status register.   L2
b Construct a diagram for a 4X4 omega switching network. Show the switch
setting required to connect input 3 to output 1.   L3 / L4


In certain scientific computations it is necessary to perform the arithmetic
operation (Ai + Bi)(Ci + Di) with a stream of numbers. Specify a pipeline
configuration to carry out this task. Show the contents of all registers in
pipeline for I = 1 through 6.  L2
b With a neat figure show how memory is connected to the CPU to give a
memory capacity of 4096 bytes of RAM and 4096 bytes of ROM. Construct the
memory-address map and indicate what size decoders are needed.   L3 / L4


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