JNTUH B-Tech Mechanical Engineering 2019 Blooms Taxonomy Question Paper of Alternate Fuels For Automobiles

JNTU Hyderabad (JNTUH) B-Tech 2019 Question Papers Second Year Second Semester (2-2) R16 Regulation Mechanical Engineering (MECH)


AM403ES Blooms Taxonomy- Alternate Fuels For Automobiles Question Paper         Download


Code No: AM403ES
B.Tech II Year II Semester Examinations, 2019
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 75

Note: This question paper contains two parts A and B.
Part A is compulsory which carries 25 marks. Answer all questions in Part A.
Part B consists of 5 Units. Answer any one full question from each unit.

PART A ( 25 Marks)
Question Bloom’s Level  Example L1 And L2

1 a Mention the advantages of CNG as a fuel for engines. L1
b Is it possible for an existing LPG vehicle to run on CNG? Justify your
answer. L2
c Enlist the various methods used to store LNG fuel. L1
d Discuss the modifications that are required to convert an existing SI
engine to run on LPG. L2
e Listout the factors affecting biogas generation. L1
f Explain the various methods of hydrogen transportation. L2
g Enlist the major components of hybrid vehicle. L1
h Explain the working principle of an electric vehicle. L2
i What are the main benefits of hydrogen fuel cells? L1
j Outline the transesterification process of manufacturing biodiesel. L2

PART B ( 50 Marks)
Question Bloom’s Level  Example L2, L3, L4  And L5

2 In view of the depleting reserves of fossil fuel the government intends to
take initiatives to address this issue. What are your observations on the
alternative options to fossil fuels in relation to fuel properties? Discuss
comparative properties of natural gas, PNG, CNG and LPG to be used
as fuel substitutes.L3

3 The manufacturer of SI engine specifies the use of gasoline as fuel.
Explore the possibilities to run this engine on CNG as a pollution
mitigation measure. Provide technical justification for changes in
performance with CNG as fuel in SI mode.L3
4 The city of New Delhi was facing a serious threat due to automotive
related pollution menace. The initiative to curb the pollution was
replacement of diesel and petrol with LNG operated vehicles. Analyze
its properties that qualify it as a suitable substitute engine fuel.L3

5 The energy liberated by combustion of fuel and the subsequent pollutant
formation depends on the existing conditions of fuel and air supply. In
this context examine the parameters related to the performance,
combustion and emission characteristic of an engine operated in dual
fuel mode using LPG and diesel as constituent fuels.
6 The vegetable oils are derived from carbon-neutral sources composed of
flora and fauna. Elaborate the use of vegetable oils as fuel in engines
highlighting their favorable features over the fossil fuels. L6


7 The Bio-fuels when used in engines produce noticeably small amount of
pollutants as compared to fossil fuels. However they are treated as
carbon-neutral owing to their source of generation. Justify their use as
an alternate to fossil fuel used in engines. L5
8 The use of fossil fuels contributes to environmental degradation due to
addition of pollutants. Identify role of hydrogen-gas as a suitable
contender as an ideal future fuel to IC engines.L3

9 Electric vehicles are the future replacement to conventional IC engines.
Discuss and justify their usage in place of existing engine operating on
fossil fuels. L3/L5
10 a What types of batteries are available for electric vehicles? Contrast their
relative merits. L2
b The present research in automotives is focusing on hydrogen fuel cell
and battery operated electric vehicles. Compare performance of a
hydrogen fuel cell operated vehicle with an electric vehicle.L2

11 a Explain the working of a vehicle powered by a fuel cell. L2
b Fuel cell technology transforms gaseous fuel in to electricity through
direct energy conversion process. In view of this identify challenges in
fuel cell implementation for vehicle traction. L3

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