How to Select and Plan Mini Projects and Paper Presentation Topics in Colleges and Universities

There would be a definite craze in you to endeavor mini projects in your college life. Influence yourself in doing a constructive work like this which can bring a big difference to your knowledge. Develop the passion for few subjects and master those subjects by dedicating more time towards it. Attempting a mini project and coming up with success can be a cake walk if you have the fervor to learn the subject practically. You can really be outstanding once you start acquiring practical knowledge by doing mini projects. Do not wait for time, place and instructions. Search for the options available and explore.

Choosing Topic

From the subjects that you are studying in your semesters, you can take up one which you like the most. Say for example, you are having flair towards Digital Electronics; learn all the basic gates, their logic and circuits associated with it. Find books, get assistance from your staff and use the internet to see the application of digital Electronics. As a first step, look for a mini project that has already been done. Take it up and try doing it on your own. You will have difficulties when you start which will turn as a stepping stone for your success. With the amount of experience you are gaining in doing a project that has been well prescribed, you can really move on questing more into this area.

Finding Time

The beginning of the semester is the best time where you can start thinking about the project. In fact, for a learning process like this, there need not be any specific time. Never get bogged down with the internal exams, tests and other routine stuff in college as they are going to keep coming at you. Spare just an hour in a day over a period of two to three weeks and this will be exceedingly enough to complete the project.


Plan your project and look for the resources that you can avail. When it is a software based project, there is nothing you will have to possess other than a computer. Look where you can spend time in doing the project whether in home or in laboratories in your college. You can fetch books from established libraries at very low cost and you can have the eternal internet reference by your side. Speak about your initiative to your staff and learn things from them. Every person will not be strong in all the subjects but will have strengths in one or other areas. Counsel with the staff whom you feel is good in that area and get ideas to proceed.

Forming Team

It is much better to do a mini project with couple of class mates by your side than doing it individually. Team effort saves time and cost for you and the knowledge that you can share and develop amongst yourselves will also be high. Motivate yourself and your team members in venturing mini projects.

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