JNTU Hyderabad Induction Program for R18 B.Tech First year students

JNTUH  Induction Program for R18 B.Tech 1st year students


When new students enter an institution, they come with diverse backgrounds, thoughts and
preparations. It is very important to help them adjust to the new environment. The following are the
activities of induction program in which the students would be fully engaged throughout the day for
entire duration of the program.

1. Physical Activity: This would involve a daily routine of physical activity with games and
sports. Each student should pick one game and learn it for three weeks. This would also
involve gardening or other suitably designed activity.

2. Creative Arts: Every student would select one skill related to arts whether visual arts or
performing arts. The student would practice it every day for the duration of the induction

3. Universal Human Values: This will help the students to experience the joy of learning, stand
up to peer pressure, take decisions with courage, be aware of relationships with inmates, etc.

4. Proficiency Modules: During the induction program crash courses have to be conducted to
improve English skills.

5. Lectures by Eminent people: This period can be utilized for lectures by eminent
personalities. It would give the students exposure to people who are in public life and are
socially active.

6. Literary: Literary activity would encompass reading, writing and debating, enacting a play,

7. Familiarization to Dept./Branch & Innovations: The students are explained about different
methods of study. They are further explained about the different aspects of their branches,
departments and the role they play in the society. The different laboratories, workshops &
other facilities available in the departments are introduced to the students.


Notwithstanding the above activities of the induction program, any other relevant activity may be
planned to enthuse, encourage and benefit the student

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