Stand by commitment on fee reimbursement: LSP

The Lok Satta Party on Monday demanded that the Government honour its commitment on fee reimbursement to all eligible students.

Party leader Katari Srinivasa Rao told media persons that the Government has to ensure that no poor student is denied the opportunity to pursue higher education. It should exclude those who can afford to pay tuition fees from availing themselves of the scheme meant to benefit the poor.

Mr Srinivasa Rao pointed out that certain unethical college managements have abused the ideal scheme and siphoned Government funds. The Government should without further delay initiate steps to recover the misappropriated funds and award exemplary punishment to the guilty.

The Lok Satta leader wanted the Government to give higher priority to school education as 90 per cent of students do not enter colleges because poverty forces them to drop out even before they finish the tenth class. It is a tragedy that the Government is expected to spend only Rs 600 crore of the Rs 1,800 crore it has to spend on sarva sikhsha abhiyan andmadhyamika siksha abhiyan.

Mr Srinivasa Rao reiterated the Lok Satta policy that no student should forgo the opportunity of higher education because of poverty. The Government could stand surety and facilitate bank loans if it runs into fund constraints in future because of the spread of higher education.

source : DC

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