10 Interesting Facts About Biology


Biology is the study of life. Life is explained in the form of truths and even the very complicated facets can be logically explained and simplified by this subject. Byju’s educational philosophy tries to look around in the day to day life and learn from the processes that are going on. Sincerely studying this subject can get you a good job and respect but the practical application it has and the details of them would leave you in tears. The Biology subject has a reputation to be long drawn and heavy thus Byju’s takes a different approach. This post is all about the various interesting facts that the subject entails.

  • When the world goes cold and the natural resources are at a low people who like to have a hot cup of coffee will have to shout for around eight years, seven months and six days before the sound energy is enough to heat up the coffee.
  • A person would have to fart for six year and nine months so that they have enough gas to create the energy required for an atomic bomb. Creating an atom bomb doesn’t seem so easy now, does it?
  • The pressure in our human heart is enough to send blood squirting up to around ten feet in the air. Just like a pressure pump!
  • Banging one’s head against the wall requires around hundred and fifty calories per hour. Although I don’t think you’ll be up for the second hour.
  • The ant that we know well has an ability to lift around fifty times its weight and can pull more than thirty times its weight.
  • Elephants can’t jump. Just like cows can’t fly. Just imagine if they would be able to do that.
  • Starfishes do not have a brain. It’s good, believe me, or they would have invented problems that didn’t exist then give themselves a headache over them problems.
  • People are more scared of spider than death! It’s a strange thought to think of when one considers the reality that spider clean themselves profusely after having touched a human.
  • The appendix that was considered useless once by the biological society has now been found to be helping our digestive system. It contains bacteria useful for the process.
  • The color of the blood is red due to the iron in our blood that has been bound with porphyrin which is a ring of atoms. It’s due to this shape of the structure that the color of the blood is red. The higher the amount of oxygen in the blood the more red it will seem.

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