Got a Rank in EAMCET 2011 Engineering Entrance Exam – What’s Next ?

Got a Ranking in Engineering Entrance Exams – What’s Next ?

Exams are over and results are out now what next…..?

Most of the students are very happy that they have got good marks….but few of them are sad.

But those who are having good marks and cleared engineering entrance examination are still worried. Why ?

Whether they will get admission in good college or not?
What will be the Cut off percentage of different colleges ?
What are the different courses available in different colleges ?
Which branch should i take ?
Which college i will get at this rank ?
and so and so !!!

Here we will discuss these question in detail but one by one

First of all which branch should i take ?

This question is very difficult because if u ask X,Y,Z then u will get X,Y,Z answer….but what is right for u let examine yourself..give the answer some of the question honestly and then decide yourself.

What is your criteria for choosing a branch?

(a) Job Opportunity
(b) Money
(c) Parents wish
(d) Your interest

(a) Job opportunity: This is the most important criteria for choosing a branch in a cut throat competition environment. This is true that branches like computer science, Information Technology and electronics are amongst the huge job provider and that’s why they are the first choice of most of the students in last years counselling. But it’s not means that other branches are less important as far as job opportunity is concerned, other branches are equally good the only difference is that most of the software industry are mass recruiter but core industry are not.

(b) Money : This is also one of the most important factor for choosing a branch.The answer of this question is very difficult because money making is depend upon individual talent not on your branch. It does not mean that if you are in computer science, Information Technology or electronics (which are the most preferred choice of students) then you will make a lot of money….even in other branches like mechanical, electrical, chemical or production, civil etc. you can make money. It is one of the misconception that software engineer are making more money. Only few of them are able to do it and again it’s depend on your talent and hard work so no particular branch is moneymaker and in every branch you can make money.

(c) Parents Wish: This option is very emotional and worth meaning. Most of the parents wants only those branch in which job opportunity and money are more so for parents i request please go through above paragraphs and don’t force your children to go for a particular branch only because of particular reason.

(d) Your Interest: This is the most important and worthy factor which is ignored by most of the parents and students. As mentioned earlier that each and every branch okay. It Is your intrest that make money and satisfaction.because after four year of your graduation u will be in industry and then whole of your life will be with same branch and work which u have opted today…..if you are interested in it then ii is good but if you are not then the words tension,stress,dissatisfaction, depression will come into picture because you are working for money not for your interest and hobby.You are working with those things which you have not liked in your four year of graduation but now you have to pass whole of your life with this branch. So always keep your interest first.

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