CLARION-2K11 @ JBIET, Hyderabad On 5th March.


CLARION-2K11 @ JBIET, Hyderabad On 5th March.

“Clarion is our annual technical fest at JBIET, EEE Dept,which provides a unique platform for the youth to stretch their imaginations to limit and exhibit their skills across a multitude of technically challenging, arduous and thought provoking events traversing all fields of engineering.

Clarion has evolved into a bigger celebration of technological grandeur, alongside an attempt to provide its enthusiastic participants a better environment to develop their skills and thoughts so as to make this world a better place to live in.

Clarion-2K11 is Scheduled on 5th  March, 2011.
The following gives the description of Events:

PAPYRUS-  ( Paper Presentations )
Paper presentation provides a platform for your views on today’s cutting edge technologies and also gives you an opportunity to upgrade yourself with many other innovations.
RULES: Last date for submission of ABSTRACT: 4th March.

Max. participants per team : 2

Fee: Registration fee – 100 + After selection – 150

Certificate will be issued to those who have submitted their paper. (Even if it not selected)

Paper should be in IEEE format.

ABILITA- (Mock Interviews )
Rounds of Interview:  Written/Gd/HR Interview.
Highlights:          >  Mock Interview is going to be organised by IMS.

>  Certificates are issued to RUNNER and WINNER.                 > Participation certificates are also issued to all the participants.
NOTE: Students must walk in with their RESUME (C.V.).

Registration fee : 30 per head.
PROTRUSION- ( Mini Project )
An opportunity to prove your skills, creativeness and imaginative power by creating some projects in our routine life.
NOTE: PROJECT must be exhibited practically.

Max. no. of participants are THREE PER TEAM.

Registration fee : ` 100 per team.
TEKNIKA- (circuit designing) Are you passionate and enthusiastic about circuits???Then Teknika is something that you would never like to miss!!!
1st round: Analyzing the circuit 2nd round: Connecting the correct circuit3rd round:  Input and output parameters are given.
Note: For each clue marks are reduced.

No. of persons per team – 2

Registration fee : ` 30 per team.

ROBOTICA Robo Cop/Robo Wars/Robo Soccer.
NOTE: Spot Registrations are done for all  ROBOTIC EVENTS.
TRANQUILIZE-(FUN ARCADE) “All work and no extra curricular activities makes jack a dull boy.”
Different events like Ad makingMovie spoofzRJ huntCreative point (paper craft, best of waste)    and a lot more….

ROGER THAT!!-(Counter Strike 1.6) Time to get the frag’s !!!…

Team Formation :-    5 members per team ( call it as a clan) Compulsory  Gifts TO ALL The Participants OF Lan -Gaming…So  Hurry UP!!!  So Bring Ur clan,  Get the Frag’s ,. Win the Game   ….Roger that!!!!! ….. Affirmative.!!!
Registration fee for LAN GAMING : ` Rs. 150 /- per Clan.
So, get ready fr loads of fun..Pull ur socks…!!!!!!!!!!
Come participate in these at JBIET on 5th March 2011.

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