PTU B.Tech Mechanical Engineering 6th Semester May 2019 71187 FLUID MACHINERY Question Papers

PTU Punjab Technical University B-Tech May 2019 Question Papers 6th Semester Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

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Total No. of Pages : 02
Total No. of Questions : 09
B.Tech.(ME) (2011 Onwards) (Sem.?6)
Subject Code :BTME-603
M.Code : 71187
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks : 60
SECTION-A is COMPULSORY consisting of TEN questions carrying T WO marks
SECTION-B contains FIVE questions carrying FIVE marks each and students
have to attempt any FOUR questions.
SECTION-C contains T HREE questions carrying T EN marks each and students
have to attempt any T WO questions.

Q1 Answer briefly :

(a) State impulse momentum principle and write its equation.

(b) Derive the equation of work done for the jet impingement upon a moving flat inclined


(c) Classify the turbines on the basis of head available.

(d) What is specific speed of turbine?

(e) What are the different forms of draft tubes?

(f) What is slip of the impeller?

(g) What is priming?

(h) Define overall efficiency of turbine.

(i) Name the various problems commonly experienced during operation of centrifugal


(j) What is Thomas Cavitation number?
1 | M - 7 1 1 8 7

( S 2 ) - 6 6 9

Discuss the construction and operation of fluid coupling.
Derive an equation for work done by the jet impingement upon a series of moving curved
vanes mounted radially on a wheel.
An inward flow reaction turbine works under a head of 28m. The velocity of wheel
periphery at inlet is 15m/s. The outlet pipe of the turbine is 30cm in diameter and the
turbine is supplied with 250 litres per second of water. The radial velocity of flow through
the wheel is same as velocity in outlet pipe. Determine vane angles at inlet and power of
Discuss in detail the working of hydraulic ram with diagram.
Derive an expression for specific speed of pump.
A centrifugal pump impeller has diameter of 60 cm and width 6 cm at outlet. The pump
runs at 1450 rpm and delivers 0.8 m3/s against a head of 80m. The leakage loss after the
impeller is 4% of discharge , the mechanical loss is 10 kW and the hydraulic efficiency is
80%. Determine the blade angle at outlet, the power required and overall efficiency of
Discuss in detail with diagram the governing mechanism of francis turbine.
A Kaplan turbine operating under a head of 7.5m develops 1835 kW with an overall
efficiency of 87%. The turbine is set 2.5 m above the tail level and vacuum gauge is
inserted at turbine outlet records a suction head of 3.15 m. Calculate the efficiency of the
draft tube if it has an inlet diameter of 3 m and the loss of head due to friction in the draft
tube equals 25% of kinetic head at outlet.
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2 | M - 7 1 1 8 7

( S 2 ) - 6 6 9

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