Download VTU BE 2020 Jan CSE Question Paper 15 Scheme 7th Sem 15CS71 Web Technology and its Applications

Download Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) BE ( Bachelor of Engineering) CSE 2015 Scheme 2020 January Previous Question Paper 7th Sem 15CS71 Web Technology and its Applications

s"; i 15CS71
Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dee.21119t3an.2020
Web Technology and its Applications
Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80
Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing ONE full question from each !nodule.
I a. Explain the role of
      HTML tags with syntax and examples. (06 Marks)
      b. Explain the need of 'cascade' in CSS. Illustrate three principles of cascade with suitable
      CSS script segments. (06 Marks)
      c. Explain class selector and pseudo selectors of CSS with relevant scripts. (04 Marks)
      g d?
      2 a. Explain two types of URL referencing techniques with suitable scripts in HTML5. (04 Marks)
      75 '
      b. Explain the role of the following semantic elements of HTML5 with syntax and script
      -a +
      ?. <-,