Download MBBS First Year 2021 Feb 1st Year 6055 Biochemistry Paper I Question Paper

Download MBBS First Year (1st Year) 2021 February 1st Year 6055 Biochemistry Paper I Previous Question Paper

[MBBS 0221]

FEBRUARY 2021 Sub.Code :6055

Q.P. Code: 526055

Time: Three hours
Maximum: 100 Marks (80 Theory + 20MCQs)
Answer All Questions
I. Essay:

(2 x 15 = 30)

1. Describe the structure of biological membranes. Discuss the various transport
mechanisms across membranes with suitable examples.
2. How are dietary lipids digested and absorbed? Write about the transport of lipids
in plasma.
II. Write notes on:

(10 x 5 = 50)

1. Competitive inhibition of enzyme activity.
2. Biochemical features seen in blood and urine of a patient with hemolytic anemia.
3. Functions of Vitamin ? C
4. Anaplerotic role of citric acid cycle.
5. Define Gluconeogenesis and explain the various steps.
6. Formation and fate of Pyruvate.
7. Biological value of Proteins.
8. Enumerate the compounds derived from cholesterol and mention their biochemical
9. Synthesis and regulation of Porphyrins.
10. Structure and functions of Mitochondria.

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