Download GTU B.Tech 2020 Summer 6th Sem 2160607 Elementary Structural Design Question Paper

Download GTU (Gujarat Technological University Ahmedabad) B.Tech/BE (Bachelor of Technology/ Bachelor of Engineering) 2020 Summer 6th Sem 2160607 Elementary Structural Design Previous Question Paper

Seat No.: ________
Enrolment No.___________
Subject Code: 2160607 Date:02/11/2020
Time: 10:30 AM TO 01:30 PM Total Marks: 70
1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. Use of IS:456, IS:800 and steel table is permitted.
5. Assume M20 grade concrete and Fe415 steel for RCC element and fy of 250 MPa and

fu of 410 MPa for the structural steel if not given.

Q.1 (a) Sketch reinforcement detail for a simply supported two-way square slab showing all 03
required details including torsion reinforcement.

(b) Sketch the typical lap joint and bolted connection using lug angle.

(c) A simply supported rectangular beam of size 250 mm wide and 450 mm effective 07
depth is subjected to a factored load of 150 kN/m. Span of beam is 4 m. Find the
reinforcement for flexure. Effective cover for compression reinforcement is 50 mm.

Q.2 (a) Define (i) Limit State (ii) Characteristic strength (iii) Partial Safety Factor

(b) A singly reinforced rectangular beam of width 230 mm and 450 mm effective depth 04
is reinforced with 3 no. 20 mm diameter bars. Find out the factored moment of
resistance of the section. Take grade of concrete M20 and grade of steel Fe 415.

(c) A tee-beam with 1500mm wide flange and 100 mm deep slab. The overall depth of 07
beam is 650 mm and width of web is 300 mm. A beam is reinforced with 6 nos. of
28 mm dia. bar and 2 nos. of 22 mm dia. bar. Find the factored moment of T-Beam.
Take grade of concrete M20 and grade of steel Fe 415. Assume effective cover is
50 mm.


(c) Design a square footing for isolated column 500 mm x 500 mm size carrying an 07
axial load of 1600 kn. Safe bearing capacity of soil is 200 kN/m2. Use M-20 grade
of concrete and Fe ? 415 grade of steel. Draw neat sketch.

Q.3 (a) Write advantages and disadvantages of Steel and R.C.C. Structures.

(b) Calculate mid span moments of simply supported two way slab with effective span 04
3.11 m and 4.11 m in x and y direction respectively. Slab is subjected to total
factored load (Including self weight) of 10.76 kN/ m2. Take grade of concrete M20
and grade of steel Fe 415.

(c) Design a simply supported one-way slab for clear room dimension 3 m x 10 m. Slab 07
is supported on masonry walls of 300 mm thickness. Live load acting on slab is
3.0 kN/m2 and floor finish is equal to 0.75 kN/m2. Use M-20 grade of concrete and
Fe ? 415 grade of steel.


Q.3 (a) Draw and details of edge strip and middle strip of two way slab aper IS 456: 2000.

(b) Calculate size and longitudinal reinforcement of RCC square column section to carry 04
ultimate axial load 2000 kN. Assume 2% of cross section as longitudinal reinforcement.

(c) Design and detail shear reinforcement for RC beam subjected to ultimate shear force 07
of 120 kN. Cross section of beam is 250 x 400 mm effective and reinforced with
4 nos. of 16 mm diameter bars. Use M-20 grade of concrete and Fe ? 415 grade of

Q.4 (a) Sketch the details of slab base footing.

(b) Design suitable fillet weld to connect a tie plate 60 x 8 mm to a 12 mm thick gusset 04
plate. The plate is suitable to load equal to full strength of the member. Assume
shop welding and Fe 410.

(c) Design a double angle discontinuous strut to carry a factored load of 200 kN. The 07
length of strut is 3.0 m between intersections. The two angles are connected back
to back on same side of gusset plate and tack bolted. Assume grade Fe 410 steel
with fy = 250 MPa.


Q.4 (a) Write down advantages and disadvantages of welding.

(b) Find shear capacity of a bolt for 20 mm diameter 4.6 grade bolt, connecting 410 grade 04
10 mm thick plate, in single shear and double shear. Consider area of bolt is 245 mm2.

(c) Design a steel column to carry factored load of 1200 kN. The length of column is 07
6 m with both end effectively held in passion and restrain against rotation. Select
two channels butting and welded toe to toe. Assume fy = 250 MPa.

Q.5 (a) Explain single lacing system and double lacing system with neat sketches.

(b) Two plates of 12 mm and 20 mm thickness have width of 100 mm. These plates are
connected by lap joint to resist design tensile load of 70 kN. Find bolt value if 16 mm
bolts of grade 4.6 is used for connection.

(c) Design a tie member of roof truss subjected to working dead load and live load 90 kN
and 110 kN respectively. Use double angle section connected back to back on either
side of 8 mm thick gusset plate. Use bolted connection. fy = 250 MPa and fu = 410 MPa.

Q.5 (a) Explain slenderness ratio, lug angle and shear leg effect.
(b) Explain term (i) Lateral ? torsional buckling (ii) Web crippling
(c) Design the slab base foundation for an ISHB 350 column to carry a factored load of 07
1200 kN. Take Fe 410 grade steel and M25 grade concrete. Assume SBC of soil is 200


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