Download GTU B.Tech 2020 Summer 1st and 2nd Sem 3110013 Engineering Graphics And Design Question Paper

Download GTU (Gujarat Technological University Ahmedabad) B.Tech/BE (Bachelor of Technology/ Bachelor of Engineering) 2020 Summer 1st and 2nd Sem 3110013 Engineering Graphics And Design Previous Question Paper

Seat No.: ________
Enrolment No.___________
Subject Code: 3110013 Date:05/11/2020
Subject Name: Engineering Graphics and Design
Time: 10:30 AM TO 01:30 PM

Total Marks: 70
1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Define Representative Fraction (RF). Find RF if 5 cm in the drawing is equal 03
to 10 km.

(b) Give the definitions of the following curves: (i) Ellipse (ii) Involute

(c) Draw epicycloid of a 40 mm diameter circle, which rolls outside on another 07
circle of 150 mm diameter for one revolution clockwise. Draw a tangent and
normal to it at a point 95 mm from the center of the directing circle.

Q.2 (a) Draw the projections of the following points on the same X-Y line.
(a) Point `A' is 20 mm below H.P and 20 mm in front of VP.
(b) Point `B' is 30 mm above H.P and 40 mm in front of VP.
(c) Point `C' is on VP and 30 mm above HP.

(b) The top view of a 75 mm long line AB measures 65 mm, while its front view 04
measures 50 mm. It's one end `A' is in HP and12 mm in front of VP. Draw
the projections of AB and determine its inclination with HP and VP.

(c) A line AB 100 mm long is inclined to HP at 45o and inclined to VP at 30o. 07
Draw front and top views of line and determine their lengths. Also determine
the perpendicular distance of end B from both HP and VP.


(c) A line PQ 85 mm long has its end `P' 10 mm above HP and 15 mm in front 07
of VP. The top view and front view of line PQ are 75 mm and 80 mm
respectively. Draw its projections. Also determine the true and apparent
inclinations of the line.

Q.3 (a) A square
lamina of 40 mm side rests on one of its sides on HP. The lamina 03
makes 30o with HP and the side on which it rests makes 45o with VP. Draw
its projections.

(b) Draw the development of the lateral surfaces of a square pyramid, side of 04
base 25 mm and height 50 mm, resting with its base on HP and an edge of the
base is parallel to VP.

(c) A hexagonal prism with side of base 30 mm and axis length 60 mm is resting 07
on one of its base edge on HP such that its axis is inclined at 45o with HP and
the side on which it is resting is inclined at 30o with VP. Draw the


Q.3 (a) Give complete classification of solids.

(b) A regular pentagon laminate of 30 mm each side is resting on HP on one of 04
its sides with its surface making 45o with HP. Draw its projection when the
side in HP makes an angle 30o with VP.

(c) A square base pyramid with 40 mm side and axis 65 mm long, has its base on 07
the HP and all the edges of the base are equally
inclined to the VP. It is cut by

a section plane perpendicular to the VP and inclined at 45o to the HP. Further,
it is bisecting the axis of the pyramid. Draw its sectional top view, sectional
side view and true shape of the section.

Q.4 (a) Write any three main differences between first angle and third angle 03
projection system.

(b) In a slider crank mechanism (Figure-1), the connecting rod is 160 mm and 04
crank is 40 mm in length. The other end point of connecting rod on the slider
moves along a straight line passing through the center of crank rotation. Trace
the locus of midpoint `P' of the connecting rod.

(c) Draw front view, top view and right-hand side view of the object given in 07
Figure-2 using first angle projection.


Q.4 (a) Explain following commands: (i) Line (ii) Poly Line (iii) Circle

(b) List and explain different methods to draw a polygon in AUTOCAD.

(c) Figure-3 shows the pictorial view of an object, draw the following views 07
using first angle method of projection. Also give the important dimensions.
(i) Sectional front view, along section A-A
(ii) Top View

Q.5 (a) What are the benefits of Computer Aided Drawing.

(b) Draw isometric circle on the three side of cube of 60 mm dimension.

(c) Draw isometric drawing of an object whose projections are given in Figure? 07

Q.5 (a) Draw the figure to explain the aligned and unidirectional system of 03
(b) Draw an isometric scale of 100 mm length and show 30 and 60 mm length on 04
the scale.
(c) Draw isometric drawing of an object whose projections are given in Figure? 07


Figure-1[Q4 (b)]

Figure-2 [Q4 (c)]

Figure-3 [(OR) Q4 (c)]

Figure-4 [Q.5 (c)]

Figure-5 [(OR)Q.5 (c)]


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