PTU B.Tech CSE 6th Semester May 2019 71553 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Question Papers

PTU Punjab Technical University B-Tech May 2019 Question Papers 6th Semester Computer Science Engineering (CSE)
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Total No. of Pages : 02
Total No. of Questions : 18
B.Tech.(CSE) (O.E. 2011 Onwards) (Sem.?6)
Subject Code : ME-251
M.Code : 71553
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks : 60
SECTION-A is COMPULSORY consisting of TEN questions carrying T WO marks
SECTION-B contains FIVE questions carrying FIVE marks each and students
have to attempt any FOUR questions.
SECTION-C contains T HREE questions carrying T EN marks each and students
have to attempt any T WO questions.


Answer briefly :
1) What do you understand by Total Quality Management?

2) Discuss the features of TQC.

3) What is waste elimination?

4) How computer can be useful in controlling the quality of a product?
5) Enumerate the steps
involved in problem identification and solving process.
6) Define internal benchmarking and competitive benchmarking.

7) Define quality policy.
8) Enlist benefits of Material Requirement Planning.
9) What is the relevance of ISO 9000 in an organization?
10) Define FMEA.
1 | M - 7 1 5 5 3

( S 2 ) - 1 9 9 6
11) How employees can be empowered in industry to implement TQM?
12) Describe briefly the steps involved in Quality function deployment study.

13) Define Just-in-time (JIT) system. Describe key elements of JIT manufacturing system.

14) What are various types of problems and how they are identified in an organization?
15) What are the reasons behind undertaking a benchmarking study in an organization?
Describe briefly the steps involved in the benchmarking process.

16) Write elements of TQM. What are different TQM models? Explain any one in detail.
17) a) What are the aims, benefits and weaknesses of ISO-9000?

b) What are ISO-9000 requirements for implementations?

18) a) Write a short note on Taguchi Methods.

b) Differentiate bet
ween working of Push and Pull Kanban's deployed in Just in time (JIT)


NOTE : Disclosure of Identity by writing Mobile No. or Making of passing request on any
page of Answer Sheet will lead to UMC against the Student.
2 | M - 7 1 5 5 3

( S 2 ) - 1 9 9 6

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