PTU B.Tech ECE 6th Semester May 2019 71123 ENGINEERING ECONOMICS and INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Question Papers

PTU Punjab Technical University B-Tech May 2019 Question Papers 6th Semester Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE)

Roll No.
Total No. of Pages : 02
Total No. of Questions : 09
B.Tech.(ECE/ETE) (2011 Onwards) (Sem.?6)
Subject Code : BTEC-603
M.Code : 71123
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks : 60
SECTION-A is COMPULSORY consisting of TEN questions carrying T WO marks
SECTION-B contains FIVE questions carrying FIVE marks each and students
have to attempt any FOUR questions.
SECTION-C contains T HREE questions carrying T EN marks each and students
have to attempt any T WO questions.

Q1) Answer briefly :

a) Define Variable Cost.

b) What is minimum cost analysis?

c) What is Uncertainty?

d) Define Industrial Management.

e) What is project matrix?

f) Define Depreciation.

g) What are the duties of store manager?

h) What is span of control?

i) What is motivation?

j) Explain the importance of delegation of authority.
1 | M - 7 1 1 2 3

( S 2 ) - 1 1 4 5

Q2) What is Taylor's scientific management?
Q3) Discuss Mayo's Hawthorne study.
Q4) What are the types of depreciation?
Q5) Explain the types of organization along with characteristics.
Q6) Explain the estimating procedure for material cost and labor cost.


Q7) Define Motivation. Explain Maslow's hierarchy of need theory along with diagram.
Q8) Discuss the methods of cost estimation used in various manufacturing operations.
Q9) Define Inventory Control System. Differentiate between continuous review system and
periodical review system.

NOTE : Disclosure of identity by writing mobile number or making passing request on any

page of Answer sheet will lead to UMC case against the Student.
2 | M - 7 1 1 2 3

( S 2 ) - 1 1 4 5

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