Download MBBS UHS Lahore 1st Year Anatomy I MCQ Question Paper

Download MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) UHS Lahore (University of Health Sciences Lahore) 1st Year Anatomy I MCQ Previous Year Question Paper



Anatomy (including Histology)

(Multiple Choice Questions)


The following cell organelles are subjected to the enzyme histochemistry

for the detection of acid phosphatase. Which organelle will show highest

concentration of this enzyme?

a) Plasma membrane.

b) Lysosomes.

c) Ribosome.

d) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

e) Microtubules.


Multiple Sclerosis is a disease characterized by preferential damage to

myelin that becomes detached from axon in the central nervous system.

Which associated cells are involved?

a) Oligodendrocytes.

b) Microglia.

c) Protoplasmic astrocytes.

d) Satellite cells.

e) Schwan cells.


In fracture of medial epicondyle of humerus, the patient suffers claw-

hand deformity and sensory loss in medial 1/3rd of palm and medial 1?

fingers. The damaged nerve is:

a) Musculocutaneous nerve.

b) Ulnar nerve

c) Median nerve

d) Medial coetaneous nerve of forearm

e) Radial nerve.


A young tailor accidentally pricked the tip of his index finger. On the next

day he felt severe throbbing pain and developed an abscess. He

consulted an unqualified person for treatment of this abscess. Such

neglect can result in:

a) Healing by its own.

b) Avascular necrosis of terminal phalanx.

c) Sparing of digital synovial sheath.

d) Permanent loss of sensation of tip of index finger.

e) Mallet finger.


A patient had surgical division of flexor reticulum for carpal tunnel

syndrome. During surgery his median nerve was accidentally sectioned

and was left as such by the surgeon. A follow up clinical examination

conducted after 4 weeks will show:

a) Wrist drop.

b) Claw hand.

c) Dupuytren's contracture.

d) Flattening of thenar eminence.

e) Loss of adduction of thumb.


On a routine anteroposterior radiograph of right hip joint in a 35 year old

patient, the neck of the femur was found at an angle of 160?; this

condition is known as:

a) Coxa vera.

b) Coxa valga.

c) Genu verum.

d) Genu valgum.

e) Congenital dislocation of hip joint.


During a head on collision a person pressed extremely hard on the brake

pedal of his car resulting in severe dorsiflexion of the right ankle joint.

The bone which is usually fractured in such cases is:

a) Medial malleolus of tibia.

b) Lateral malleolus of fibula.

c) Medial tubercle of calcaneum.

d) First metatarsal.

e) Neck of talus.

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