Download MBBS UHS Lahore Final Year Surgery I SEQ Question Paper

Download MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) UHS Lahore (University of Health Sciences Lahore) Final Year Surgery I SEQ Previous Year Question Paper



Surgery (Paper-I)

(Short Essay Questions)

Time Allowed: 2 hours

Max. Marks 50

1. A 40 years old Qaria is diagnosed as suffering from chronic cholecystitis

and has to undergo cholecystectomy through subcostal incision. Which

anatomical structures would be encountered in this incision before reaching

gall bladder?


2. A 15 years old motorcyclist meets a road-traffic accident and presents to

Accident & Emergency Department with multiple injuries. He is dyspnoeic,

tachypnoeic, tachycardiac and hypotensive. How would you manage this

patient using ATLS approach?


3. A 65 years old carpenter with O +ve blood group has to undergo Whipple's

operation, for which multiple blood transfusions would be required. Which

infectious complications of blood transfusion can occur in this patient?


4. A 70 years old butler is suffering from advanced carcinoma of the

oesophagus, for which he has to be put on total enteral nutrition. Which

methods of total enteral nutrition are available for this patient? Write TWO

merits and TWO demerits of total enteral nutrition.


5. A 25 years old HIV +ve eunuch has to undergo cervical lymph node biopsy

under local infiltration anaesthesia. What precautions would you take to

minimize the risk of cross-infection?


6. A 30 years old housewife presents with an ulcer on medial canthus of her

right eye for last 1(one) year. It started as a small nodule, which later

ulcerated. Examination reveals that the ulcer has rolled edges. What is the

diagnosis? How would you treat this patient?


7. A 45 years old barber presents with aching discomfort in his left lower limb,

alongwith tortuous dilated veins. What is the diagnosis? How would you

treat this patient?


8. A 20 years old university student has to undergo left inguinal

herniorrhaphy under regional anaesthesia. Which regional anaesthesia

techniques are available for this patient? Describe any ONE of them.


9. A 35 years old housemaid is suffering from toxic nodular goitre for which

thyroid scan is advised. Which other radionuclide scans are available in

general? Write TWO merits and TWO demerits of radionuclide scanning.


10. A 50 years old peasant suffering from carcinoma of the tongue is being

treated by brachy-radiotherapy. What brachy-radiotherapy techniques are

available in general? Write TWO merits and TWO demerits of



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