Download GTU B.Pharma 2018 Summer 4th Sem 240004 Pharmaceutical Analysis Ii Question Paper

Download GTU (Gujarat Technological University) B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 2018 Summer 4th Sem 240004 Pharmaceutical Analysis Ii Previous Question Paper

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Subject Code:240004 Date: 18/05/2018
Subject Name: Pharmaceutical Analysis-II
Time: 10.30 AM -01.30 PM Total Marks: 80
1. Attempt any five questions.
2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Write down classification of instrumental methods of analysis with its
advantages and limitations.
(b) Discuss signal to noise ratio. Enlist different validation parameters 05
(c) Explain the following.
1. Kohlrausch?s law 2. Retention time 3. Racemic mixture
4. Diffusion current 5. Validation

Q.2 (a) What is chromatography? Discuss theories of chromatography. 06
(b) Explain different development techniques in paper chromatography. 05
(c) Discuss factors affecting conductance. 05

Q.3 (a) Discuss ideal characteristic of reference electrode. Describe any one in detail. 06
(b) Explain different types of conductometric titrations. 05
(c) Write a short note on TLC. 05

Q.4 (a) Enlist different indicator electrodes. Describe glass electrode in detail. 06
(b) Discuss stripping voltametry with any two stripping techniques. 05
(c) Write down applications of potentiometry. 05

Q.5 (a) Explain current -voltage curve in detail. 06
(b) Write a brief note on amperometric titrations. 05
(c) Describe dropping mercury electrode at length. 05

Q. 6 (a) Discuss factors affecting TG curve. 06
(b) Explain the following.
1. Optical activity 2. Dead stop end point method
(c) Write in detail about principle and applications of DSC 05

Q.7 (a) What is zone broadening? Explain the sources of zone broadening. 06
(b) How will you improve column efficiency? Explain in detail. 05
(c) What is specific conductance. Write a short note on conductivity cell. 05

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