Download GTU B.Pharma 2018 Summer 8th Sem 280003 Pharmaceutical Chemistry X (Medicinal Chemistry) Question Paper

Download GTU (Gujarat Technological University) B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 2018 Summer 8th Sem 280003 Pharmaceutical Chemistry X (Medicinal Chemistry) Previous Question Paper

Seat No.:
Enrolment No.
Subject code: 280003 Date: 02/05/2018
Subject Name: Pharmaceutical Chemistry-X (Medicinal Chemistry)
TIME: 10:30AM TO 01:30PM Total Marks: 80

1. Attempt any five questions.
2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(a) Write synthesis of warfarin, carvediol, acetazolamide. 06
(b) Discuss SAR of ACE inhibitors and dihydropyridines 05
(c) Write a note on antiplatelet agents. 05
Q.2 (a) Write synthesis of metoprolol, clofibrate, hydrochlorthiazide. 06
(b) Define artial tachycardia and artial flutter. Classify antiarrhythmic 05
agents with chemical structures and mechanism of action.
(c) Write a note on plasma expanders. 05
Q.3 (a) Write synthesis of lignocaine, hydralazine, glyceryl trinitrate 06
(b) Discuss SAR of following: 05
(i)HMG CoA reductase inhibitors. (ii)Thiazide diuretics
(c) Write a note on thrombolytic agents 05
Q.4 (a) Discuss cardiotonic agent in detail. Give SAR of cardiac glycoside. 06
(b) Define hyperlipoproteinemia. Classify anti-hyperlipidemic agents 05
with chemical structures and mechanism of action. Discuss in brief
bile acid sequestrants.
(c) Describe antiobesity agents in detail. 05
Q.5 (a) Give one name of drug with its chemical structure of following: 06
(i) Centrally acting antihypertensive agent (ii) ACE inhibitor
(iii) Peripheral antiadrenergic agent (iv) Direct vasodilator
(v) Antiarrhythmic agents (Class 1B) (vi) Xanthine diuretic.
(b) Write a note on carbonic anhydrase inhibitor and aldosterone 05
(c) What is angina pectoris ? Classify anti-anginal agents with chemical 05
structures and mechanism of action.
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Q. 6 (a) Draw chemical structure and give pharmacological category of 06
following drugs(any six):
(i)Furosemide (ii) Flecainide(iii) Methyl dopa(iv)Nicorandil
(v) Nifedipine (vi) Dicoumarol(vii) Triamterene (viii)Mannitol
(b) Write a note on selective 1 adrenergic receptor antagonist and 05
mixed and blockers.
(c) What is combinatorial chemistry? Write note on solid phase 05
synthesis and give applications of combinatorial chemistry.
Q.7 (a) Enlist methods used in QSAR analysis. Explain hansch model and 06
free wilson mathematical model.
(b) Write a note on optimization of lead. 05
(c) Define QSAR. Give its advantages and disadvantages. Enlist 05
different parameters used in QSAR.
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