Download OU BBA 2017 Dec Languages Common to All Branches 10284 English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) 2017 Dec Languages Common to All Branches 10284 English Previous Question Paper

~11}: .; _.
11m: -: Hours
Part A16 ate:- zuima'rtet
Anmr any 5 el'the foltnwmu. '1'
1} Answer as directed. ..
a.) Ever ein?ee industrieiizetion. cities have become mter pepuia%a?ml 1H5
common tteunj. ? I
h} A ,_ igugr ef stare. {Fi'll in the blank with a eeliedivi?'l
e} Chronology. tltdittrttlhuI the reel in the given word}.
d] Memento. {Correct the spelling] 3K
2] Answer as directed. _._
aiShe prides J_Lg._!:_ en her wealth. tell ih the blank with appropriate
Pronouni- L_... ?. '
ti} Pen i5 mightiertg 'ewerd. [Ceneetthe . ett'inee-werd}.
C.) Our teat: wen the hockey ehemgien ?t?dd an appropriate suffix t0 the undertined
wer }. .
d} 12- qualify. (Add enepprepriete pre?x to form the entenym of the'
given word]
3] Answer as directed.
a} My teem
euxiiiertr 1tern).
bjl like driwhg - ; =-:----' .-*- t?; cab [Fill in the blank with the correct
yet test a match. (Fill in the blank with the torrent
auxiliary verb}.
c) She bought a _ .
between "pere' end peir'}
d}The1_.r_we_i?e.__net- happy with the
eerre't?gt SLi'fIii-c to 'eeeemedete
i"| the btank with the correct option
{Fitt in the bienk by adding the
4} Answer as directed. .- 33 fit??
3} Give the present and present participle forms of the verb ?feif.
b] How have you been ? (Fill in the blank. with the eertectferm of Eda???"
at Hard work can bring a difference in ene'
cl} A number of students fail to submit their
with the correct term of 'aesign?t-. ....
5 life. {Correct the underlined cellecetienjmrc
in time. {Fill in the blank?
5] Answer as directed. _ . _
a} Dance. {Write the phonetic transenptten of the ?given word}, gem:
ti} Gate. Write the phonetic transcription of the given were; 5m 4:
c} Eggnd, {Write the phonemic symbellef the tinderlmed dtehtttmtgtrau .. .-
ct} Brigg. [Trenecribe the enund oi ?an In the given'werd "??'lp?wm??b

- w ?-
I I r; -
sentence into a paragraph.
w'n t0 ic
6)EXPa"d the foIlo I 9 P long way in promoting One's health and
Watching what one eats goes a
7 Arran e the following sentences In a logical sequence.
a?) The vsay we sit, walk, stand, and talk actually conveys more than the words we
use. _
I Non-verbal communica t
Ian ua e or pictures e c
c) Since Igon-gerbal communication is more powerful than verbal, one should take
care of one? 5 body language.
d) Gestures facial expressions, posture of our body, tone are all part of non-verbal
tion is communicating without speaking, through our body
communication. (?9
8) Complete the following conversation. #1
A: Hi Rajeshi I was hoping to meet you today. (? gJ
B: .
A: You see. I have a problem. I
A: I am in a terrible dilemma about my future course of yudy ?
B. ' I
A: Do we really have a career guidance cell a?leg? )3
Part B (5 x Q Marks)? 7 , g?
Answer the following question bout 300 words each.
9) a) What were the id syncra orothy and Charlie and how did it affect their
marriage? .. 4'?
riie? s meontal breakdown?
e What, , ' " , .
1? ) happY? Iu. "4 - 9-5 99A?;- to make people
w 11)a)I.aInI I
I&Ju ?ueoftheuvyp
4? ma)I-by&estheplay'rhenearo "on I
b) Between the two sisters Amelia and Elizabeth, who Is moFe I ?:55?
W Jus?iyyeuranmer. Vi ? _ .
I ? ? .3
15a) a)Exth the signi?cance of Bathukamma? ami- ?The. Million Mam In me Star
of Telangana.
. OR _ . ._. a
b) wme about the Importance ofmo?vation and self-oon?denoe. . IR 3 .

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