Download MBBS First Year Biochemistry Paper I MCQs 2022 Question Paper

Download MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) First Year Biochemistry Paper I MCQs 2022 Question Paper

[MBBS 0222] FEBRUARY 2022 Sub.Code : 6055


(For the candidates admitted from the Academic Year 2019-2020)




Q.P. Code: 526055

Time: 30 Minutes

Maximum : 20 Marks

Answer All Questions

Choose one correct answer in the box provided in the Answer Script. No
overwriting should be done.

III. Multiple Choice Questions:

(20 x 1 = 20)

1. Which of the following is a lipotropic factor?

A. Sphingomyelin.
B. Choline.
C. Cardiolipin.

Orotic aci

2. Co enzyme A is derived from which of the following Vitamin ?

A. Niacin.
B. Biotin.
C. Pantothenic aci


3. Pernicious anemia may result due to the dietary deficiency of which of the

following vitamin ?
A. Folic aci
B. Pyridoxine.
C. Pantothenic aci


4. In premature newborns, the deficiency of which lipid is associated with respiratory

distress syndrome
A. Phosphatidyl choline.
B. Phosphatidyl ethanolamine.
C. Phosphatidyl inositol.

Phosphatidyl glycerol.

5. Aspirin inhibits the activity of the enzyme

A. Lipoxygenase
B. Cyclooxygenase
C. Phospholipase A1

Phospholipase A2

6. Pulses are deficient in

A. Lysine
B. Threonine
C. Methionine


7. Niemann-pick disease is due to defect in the which enzyme ?

A. Beta-glucosidase
B. Sphingomyelinase
C. Beta-galactosidase

Hexosaminidase A

8. Normal plasma cholesterol level is

A. 40 ? 60 mg/100 ml.
B. 70 ? 110 mg/100 ml.
C. 120 ? 150 mg/100 ml.

150 ? 200 mg/100 ml.

9. The following vitamins has antioxidant property except

A. Vitamin C.
B. Vitamin E.
C. Vitamin A.

Vitamin K.

10. All of the following are substrates for gluconeogenesis except

A. Alanine.
B. Leucine.
C. Glycerol.


11. In TCA cycle, substrate level phosphorylation takes place in

A. Alpha ketoglutarate to succinyl CoA.
B. Succinyl CoA to succinate.
C. Succinate to fumarate.

Oxaloacetate to citrate.

12. Renal threshold for glucose is

A. 80 mg %
B. 120 mg %
C. 180 mg %

200 mg %

13. The product of oxidation of odd chain fatty acids is

A. Aceto Acetyl CoA
B. Malonyl CoA
C. Propionyl CoA

Fumaryl CoA

14. Rate limiting step in Cholesterol synthesis is

A. HMG CoA synthase.
B. HMG CoA lyase.
C. HMG CoA reductase.

Squalene synthase.

15. NADPH is required for

A. Gluconeogenesis.
B. HMP Shunt.
C. Glycolysis.

Fatty acid Synthesis.

16. Glycogen synthesis is increased by

A. Cortisone.
B. Insulin.
C. Glucagon.


17. An example of competitive inhibition of an enzyme is

A. Succinate dehydrogenase by malonate.
B. Cytochrome oxidase by cyanide.
C. Hexokinase by glucose-6-phosphate.

Phosphofructokinase by citrate.

18. In a cell, digestive enzymes mostly occurs in

A. Mitochondria.
B. Lysosomes.
C. Ribosome.

Golgi apparatus.

19. Net yield of ATP from one molecule of palmitic acid is

A. 8 ATP
B. 32 ATP
C. 38 ATP

106 ATP

20. Which factor decreases the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen binding ?

A. An increase in 2,3 BPG level in blood
B. A rise in pH
C. Oxidation of iron to ferric state in one subunit



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