Download MBBS Dermatology PPT 16 Leprosy Nerve Lecture Notes

Download MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) Dermatology PPT 16 Leprosy Nerve Lecture Notes

Leprosy nerve examination


? OSCE = objective structured clinical


? OSPE = objective structured practical


Procedure for palpation of a nerve

? Position the patient correctly.

? Locate the nerve correctly

? Look at the patient's face while palpating the nerve gently with the

pulp of the finger (not the tip of the finger) to elicit tenderness.

? Always palpate across the course of the nerve.

? Feel along the nerve as far as possible in both directions. A

localized fluctuant and tender swel ing may represent as nerve


? Nerves on the two sides must be compared to detect any


? Besides nerve trunk examination, examine area around /

proximal to area of loss of sensation/ around skin lesion for

thickening of cutaneous nerves, especially those entering

the skin lesions.



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