Download MBBS OSCE Medicine Spotters Clinical Examination 1

Download MBBS OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) Medicine Spotters Clinical Examination 1

Attempt all question

Answer only what is asked !!
Give your diagnosis, what are the leads involved, what is the

treatment of choice?
Give your diagnosis, what is the treatment of choice

and state three possible causes.

Calculate the rate, give your complete

ECG interpretation.

What are the leads involved

what is your complete diagnosis

State the color coding

name different parts of the device
? Write prescription for
? Sever malaria.
? Enteric fever
? Write two antibiotics of choice
? Write three important complications
? 30 year old female with fever with chills and

rigor, jaundice, dark colored urine for last four
days presented from chitwan currently with
shortness of breath. She was ventilated there

? 1. what is the most possible three diffrential


? 2. what are the investigations to confirm?
? 3. what complication has occurred?
? 50 year regular alcohol consumer presented

with sudden onset abdominal pain and
hypotension. The following night he had a
black colored stool.

? 1. what is your complete diagnosis ?
? 2. what is your investigation of choice ?
? 3. what is the definitive treatment?

Name the instrument

state its use

Name the instrument.

State the layers punctured during the procedure.

Write the name of the instrument

name the three ports and two balloons

What is the name of the tube?

What are the length markings for ?

What are the radio-opaque markers for ?

Name the catheter ?

Mention the parts.

What is the common size used?

Name the parts of the instrument.

Mention three uses

mention two complications
Write your interpretation and two differentials?
Comment on the lung fields

write three differentials
Comment on the lung fields and write your

diagnosis. What is the treatment of choice?

Write your findings and diagnosis ?

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