Download MBBS OSCE Medicine Spotters Clinical Examination 2

Download MBBS OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) Medicine Spotters Clinical Examination 2

Attempt all the questions
Name the instrument.

state the root values for tricep and ankle jerks

Name the instrument.

State the frequencies used for different tests
Give your diagnosis

write treatment of choice
Write prescription for

? Relapsed case of pulmonary tuberculosis
Write two possible differential diagnosis!

? 25 years female with severe body-ache

recently returned from Sarlahi with petechial


? Temp = 103 0F
? Pulse = 126 bpm
? Bp = 80/50
? RR = 40
? TLC = 22,000
? Platelets = 45,000
? AST/ALT = 68 / 230
Findings and treatment of choice
? Write the 4 indications for the following


? Atropine
This 26 year old woman is in the office of her family physician, complaining of

recent episodes of palpitation, that she describes as isolated thumps in her

chest, occurring usually at rest, particularly in the evening.

Give your diagnosis!

Name the instrument

state two uses

state two complications
Radiological findings and


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