Download KUHS MBBS Final Year 404010 Community Health Nursing II 2020 September Question Paper

Download KUHS (Kerala University of Health Science) MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) Final Year 404010 Community Health Nursing II 2020 September Previous Question Paper

Q.P. CODE: 404010

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Final Year B.Sc Nursing Degree Supplementary Examinations

April (September), 2020

Community Health Nursing II

Time: 3 Hrs

Max. Marks: 75

Answer all questions to the point neatly and legibly ? Do not leave any blank pages

between answers ? Indicate the question number correctly for the answer in the margin

Answer all parts of a single question together ? Leave sufficient space between answers

Draw diagrams wherever necessary



1. Describe the National Rural Health Mission. Discuss the roles and

responsibilities of ASHA (7+8)


Describe the methods of supervision. Discuss the supervisory functions "of

a Community Health Nurse in a Primary Health Centre". (7+8)

Short Notes


3. Scope of community health nursing

4. Alternative health care systems

5. Abuse of elders

6. Functions of district public health nurse

7. Eleventh five-year plan

Briefly explain the roles and responsibilities of the community health nurse in the
following areas


8. National family welfare programme

9. School health services

10. Training of MPHW

11. Organization of MCH clinics

Differentiate between


12. ESI and CGHS

13. Records and reports

14. Regulatory approach and service approach in health education

15. Cost benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis


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