Download OU BA 2nd Year 3rd Sem 4109E Reporting and Editing for Print Media 2019 Dec Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 2nd Year 3rd Sem 4109E Reporting and Editing for Print Media Previous Question Paper

code No: HOWE
EA Il-?I'enr tli?emaatar {GEES} Examlnatlnn, Humming? December 21319
Eu hject : Communication and Journalism
Paper ? ll]
Rapurtlng and Editing for Print Media
Time: 3 Hours max. Marks: an
Hate : Anawar any flue quas?ans 1mm part-A and atl question from part - E
PART -A{5 x 4 = 2:} Marks}
Short Answer Type *'
fhloae for news
)1- Spat news (b
3 News bureau {I11
4 B1urb r. N
5 Ar??ia 19mm} \
l6? Crime um
i Defamatinn
xB? Features 65
Pagch? [53.12 = EH Marks]:
Answer Type
E aj'What are the eban?ge h uaiitiea cf 3 news report?
?mat are the' era urges or Infarmatiun tor a reporter?
19;) What are ha! different forms of journa?stic milling?
b} a nu repurt Ian any public health issue.
11 line the urganisatinnal structure :rf lhe edttnrial department of a news
b) What area the functions of a news editor in a mainstream news qrgahisa?un?
12 a) What am the d?erent agents invalwd in editing new mp3?
b} What are the das and dents in mung headlines?
13 a] Camp?re and mntrarst libel and slander. What are the legal pm'risiuhs that
apply ta each? '
' ER
b} Wt m.thaethics - mmmmdad h? the Fm C _. _:.;='". ..

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