Download OU BA 2nd Year Common to All 4006 General English 2019 Dec Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 2nd Year Common to All 4006 General English Previous Question Paper

Code No. : 4006
B.AI. B.Coml B.B.Al B.Sc. & BSW ll Year Ill Semester Examination, November]
December 2019
Subject: General English
Paper - Ill
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks: 80
Part - A (5 x 4 = 20 Marks)
Answer any FIVE of the following in about 100 words.
1. Answer as directed.
a) Dog is a faithful animal. (Give the synonym of the underlined word).
b) The dessert was awful. (Give the antonym of the underlined word).
c) He said that the secret success lies in hard work. (Fill in the blank with
a suitable preposition).
d) Write the answers with ink (Correct the sentence).
2. Answer as directed.
a) Please clear the luggage. (Replace the underlined British English word with a
American word).
b) In the US, the elevator is out of order; in the UK, is under repair. (Fill
in the blank with appropriate word in American English).
c) The two skits will be performed by Suma. (Rewrite the sentence beginning
with "Suma ...).
d) Hundreds of tourists see the Charminar every day. (Rewrite the sentence
beginning with "The Charminar... ).
3. Answer as directed.
a) Hurry on; we are getting late. (Correct the particle in the underlined phrasal
b) She looks forward for staying with you. (Correct the particle in the underlined
phrasal verb).
0) Each one of those boys (is/are) an expert swimmer. (Fill in the blank with
correct form of the verb ?n in brackets.)
d) Neither the acting nor the direction were good. (Correct the verb form)
4. Answer as directed.
a) The idiom "to see red" means .
b) The idiom "to take a leaf out of someone's book" means
c) Manu wanted to watch the ?lm, he fell asleep half way through. -
(Choose the appropriate connective.)
d) It is your money. You can do what you like with it. (Combine the two
sentences into one using an appropriate connective.)
5. Answer as directed.
a) A is one who supplies goods.( vendor/vandal). (Choose the
appropriate option).
b) If you pay , it means you pay in advance. (at the front/upfront)
(Choose the appropriate option).
c) I wondered whether he can help me. (Correct the sentence).
d) The guest said, "I don't like sugar in my coffee." (Change into reported

Code No. : 4006
6. Answer the following:
a) How does Bronte use images of nature?
b) How do people in Workers' Paradise spend their time?
7. Answer the following:
a) In the poem "Punishment in Kindergarten", why was the speaker called a
peculiar girl?
b) According to R.K. Narayan, which three countries use English?
8. Answer the following:
a) In "As | Grew Older", what does Hughes compare his dream to?
b) According to Ambedkar, what is social democracy?
Part B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)
Answer the following in about 300 words each.
9. a. Bring out the central argument of Bronte's poem "Life".
b. Explain the main idea of Tagore's "A Wrong Man in Workers' Paradise".
10. a. Summarise the speaker's experience on a picnic day in "Punishment in Kin
b. Discuss R.K. Narayan's attitude towards American English.
11.a. What is the poet's dream in "As | Grew Older"?
b. What "anxieties" does Dr. Ambedkar express in his speech and what is the ba
sis for his apprehensions?
12. a. Write a discursive essay on "Meaningful life".
b. Write an argumentative essay on the topic "Is Science always right??"
13. a. Write a progress report on the "Swacchh Campus" taken up in your college.
b. Write a media report on: Rising trend of students of professional courses
opting to write competitive examinations.

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