Download OU BA 1st Year 1st Sem 4125 Communicative English Phonetics 2019 Dec Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 1st Year 1st Sem 4125 Communicative English Phonetics Previous Question Paper

Code No. 4125
7"?! = ?hum
Amulet any FIVE of m. followlng quest I In about 100 words each.
? Mat are Monophthongs?
V 2 Mat am ? Breathed Consonants'? Give
' 3 What is RP?
4 What are ' Releasing and Arresting CO
5 What are content words?
V 6 How do phonemic symbols help In pron . ._
V 7 Give the three~temi label of the consona sounds ?k? d ?f
8 What do you understand by 'Accent' in Web? K
PART ? a (5x12i:8_0 m)!
Answer the following questions In about each.
9 (3) Explain Diphthongs in detail.
OK- -
? , (b) Explain the classi?cation of speech s in English. Give examples.
10 (a) Discuss the classi?cati @onant sounds according to the Stricturee.
v (b) Explain Phonatory A Iatory sysiBms.
11 (a) What is Phonolongxplain the terms?Phoneme?. and ?Allophone?.
OR. 3 _ - ,
-r(b) Expiain . Iophtnes in English with ffevant examples. ' ?~ ? ?"?
121a) Disc 5 th rules for marking Primary Accent in English
c(b) ? ?Shift in the Aocent? with relevant examptes.
13 (a) Discuss ?accent and rhythm' in cogrgded speech with appropriate exampies.
,(b) Give the phonemic transcription of the following passage
Value education is important to help everyone improve the value system that
we hold and put to use. Once we understand our values in life. we can
examine and control the various choices we make in our lives. Value
education enables us to understand our needs and visualize our goats
correctly and also helps us remove our confusions and contradictions and
bring harmony at all levels.

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