Download JNTU Hyd B-Tech Sem 3rd Year 5th Sem 4022 Communicative English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 3rd Year 5th Sem 4022 Communicative English Previous Question Paper

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Wdo yeuaundetstend by 'Sub-ekill?s ofWriting'?
?D?e?nea?Paragraph. ~
Explain the stmcture of an essay. I I 4..
What is the difference between a Scienti?c Report and a Newsp' ? ?
Punctuate the following lines: 'M?. -_
the boy will be hung said the gentleman in the white waistcoat; knew that
boy will be hung ? ;
?6 Write about the general rules of Report writing?
Part - B (4x15=601Mark's)
Answer the following questions in 200-;50words each
7 Attempt a text with the help of the weigiveh below:
a) The beach ? beautiful piace ? ea ?rearing waves - soft sand -spiintering
sea - soothing breeze ? charm - blessed spot ? unique place ?- various hues
- myriad Shapes - shells lying scattered ? sandy shore ? quiet expanse .2- 56:; j
rizon ? more Lies buriedbh?er .............
. . .V " - , ? , OR
b) A phobia ? anxiety aisoiqe?f'; persistent. excessive fear ? object or situatiene-
types of phobia metapv ? counseling - medication .......... '
8 a) What strategiee are employed while connecting ideas in a text?
. R
b) Make the?toliowing text coherent: ?
(A) By using this brain the human physique has been able to overcome " '
r' of its limitations.
(B) it can do many types of work which other animals cramp; .
(6)811! in piece of physical strength it has a big and sharp brain
(D) It is net beautiful like the body of a butter?y? or peacock _
? Pia .bmvb'?wondmm?m
. /

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