Download JNTU Hyd B-Tech Sem 3rd Year 5th Sem 4023 Communicative English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 3rd Year 5th Sem 4023 Communicative English Previous Question Paper

PART~ B Imam: Market
Millie tellewtng theetlene
. T {i} Haw tie you organise texts in the preeeee ef writi
?Mranefer ef infen'netien ie effeetivety ngh charts and gr?phe-?m
E Men placed an eI'der fer eemputer $ er yeur e?iee. After delivery,
you discovered that the material" I5 ed. Draft a letter at eempieint
stating that yet: will he eentpelled tn eei the enzler if the frateriel le net re
[b] The Head et yew e wen'ied ebeut empieyeee reperting late
Draft a meme in MR ?|mthe Heed and circulated in all employees eek-
ing. them to repoN ?e te eueid less of {Jeyr
9 {e} Explain the purpeee poNfII-Iriting e Frejeet Prepeeei.
Men EPWHME e eeureein Bueineee Management ebmed.
ent of Purpeee fer the same.
10 {e} the chief features at e Feeeih?ity Repert.
Mmegine thet you are 1116 Deuelepment effiner et a leading. eleetrenies .
GDI'I?IPEI'IY Draft e Feeeihitity Report regarding setting up at a retail eutlet
'Iafeleetmnle geede in a smell lawn.

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