Download JNTU Hyd B-Tech Sem 3rd Year Common To All 12755 Generic Elective I Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 3rd Year Common To All 12755 Generic Elective I Previous Question Paper

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Code No. 12755
BBA V ? Semester (CBCS) Examination, November I December 2019
Subject: Basic Quality Management
Paper Code ? BB ? 502
Generic Elective ? I
Time: 1?/: Hour Max. Marks: 40
Note: Answer all the questions.
PART? A (2x5- ?- 10 Marks)
[Short Answer Type]
Note: Answer the following questions.
1 Define TQM and distinguish between conventional qu?ii'ty Management and Total
Quality Management
2 Express Regression analysis and control charts
PART? B 2x53, 30 Marks)
[Essay er Type]
b) Define the term quality of design and explain Taguchi s "Quaiity ioss Function" with
an illustration for estimating the same.
4 a) Discuss. three primary applications of Control Charts, and explain the six steps
pro 55 used for implementing statistical process control.
cause and effect diagrams. now can they be used to access and improve

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