Download JNTU Hyd B-Tech Sem 3rd Year Common To All 8194 Computer Science Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 3rd Year Common To All 8194 Computer Science Previous Question Paper

35% (0303) V - Semester Examination, NovemberlDocemw 2019
Subject: Compute! Science (E: Python - 1)
Paper: V (SEC - 3)
Time: 1% Hours
lax. am: ?0
Paggm A (2x5= -1o Marks)
Not Answer Type)
9: Answer ALL the following questions?
(b) What are four built-in numeric data 3; in Python
(3) Write a Python program to accept a single character the keyboard
(b) What is Nested loop? Explain with ggmph. ?
x t
Part- a (211 ivarks)
(Essay Answer Type)
Note: Answer ALL ?owing questions.
(3) Write short notes on 1?
(i) Memory Management In Python
6:) Garbage oo?gcuon?h Python
(b) Explain about the M types 0! sequences in Python with syntax and suitable
exam . /
(a) What; ne different loop control statements available in Python? Explain with
: ; 0?
(b) x. is an I 7 Explain different types at operators with suitable examples.

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