Download JNTU Hyd B-Tech Sem 3rd Year Common To All 8213 Molecular Plant Breeding Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 3rd Year Common To All 8213 Molecular Plant Breeding Previous Question Paper

: 1% Hour
Code No. 8213
B.Sc. VSemester (0308) Examination. November! December 2019
Subject: Bio-Technology
Molecular Plant Breeding
Paper ? V (SEC-3)
Max.Marks: 40
Note: Answer all questions. Each question carries equal marks.
PART ? A (2x5 = 10 Marks)
Discuss the role of SSRs and lSSRs in plant breeding.
What are SNPs?? How they differ from SSRs?
What are the factors important for selection of markets for MAS?
What is Marker Assisted backcrossing? What are its uses?
PART - B (2x15 = 30 Marks)
[Essay Answer Type]
\EZ- .65" .
Note: Answer all quesf?ons from the followmg.
Discuss in detail about diffgaen?t breeding methods for self and cross pollinated _
crops. .. [L 1 ; 0R . f
What are molecul??-gtaps'? Describe different methods for construction 0
molecular maps}:
What is marker assisted selection? Describe the use of MAS in the improvement
of hybri varit 5.
OR .
ne pyramiding? Describe in detail about marker assnsted gene

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