Download OU BA 2nd Year 3rd Sem 14303 Political Science 2019 Dec Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 2nd Year 3rd Sem 14303 Political Science Previous Question Paper

w: W?? FIVE nf?III ?lming qmrb
' National Mam .'
2 Salt mm (L .
3 CabinatMisaimPlan1946 . \N . ._ r
4 Galaknath case 155? . l
,5? Fundamentaf Duties II I
,??NatiunaI Minorities Cunnilminn ii '
lit Pantheis Mavernen f- r -.
WWO Mmmecnt I _1
PET" Bl aria}
{Em}: r Type}
m: Answer ALL following questions.
9 [CITEIIplain the muses for ngw nneR af indian Na?nnal anemnt. 'I '
U3} 51PM? ??3 ideuiug Dds cIf extremists.
1?} {3? WIN" the basih? ills of me lndian Constitutiun. - " *"f-j
?iifiEprain the Fydarnantai Highta.
11 {3}W' n I; an Fundamlntal Duties.
:1 e553}; an the impiementa?on In! the Dinac?ve Principles.
12mm. 1113 functinning {If Nationai Haiaran Rights Cnrnmissian [NHRC], In India.-
ib} 993mb: Iha Teinngana ArrI'IEId struggle .
13 {a} Write in 55333 cm Dalit mmmnt in lndla.
Mia an essay on Wunan's movement in India
?In? . h

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