Download OU BA 2018 1st Year 10285 General English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2018 1st Year 10285 General English Previous Question Paper

Code NO- 10285
B'A?IB'SC?B-ComJBBA & BSW I ? Year u ? Semester (0805)
MayIJune 2018
SUbiect: General English
Paper ? II
5: 80
Time : 3 Hours Max. Mark
PART - A (5x4 = 20 Marks)
Note: Answer any FIVE of the following
1. Answer as directed. ? f ?1
a) fr_nd (Complete the spelling using either ie I ei) ' ?
b) rec_pt (Complete the spelling with ie or ei)
c) People buy news papers these days.(fewer!_j'ess) - . -
d) He was teaching at ? European University.(? sert 198' COW?;t '?de?n'te
article) ~
2 Answer as directed w
a) The Maldives is tropical nation in Indian Ocean. (Correct the
sentence by inserting articles wherevef?. ce ary) '
b) That talkative man was very 9. (Use the correct form of the
adjective given in the brackets.) . . _
c) Do you have any plans?(fu tather).(Use the appropriate adjeCtIVe-)
d) I had a million things to da6noron/hyperbole) hyperbole.
3 Answer as directed.
a) Break (com ord using either the suf?x-able or ible).
b) emotion + icon - write the portmanteau word.)
0) He Is (al 0 st man.(FiIl in the blank with the correct inde?nite
article.) ?
C!) He saw ? eagle ?y by (Fill in the blank with the correct article)
= ted.
-~ . r of the family: (Write the palindrome based on the given
? :setiously funny.(0xymoron/pallndrome) ?
r 'lbn.?(stmilelmetaphor)
? ? mm ?uent. (Correct the underlined adverb)

2 Cede Me. 10235
F 1II'iIiI-ite e ietter te yeurftiend mngratuieting him On his new eppeinlmeI-IL
3 Write a ietter tn the editor of a local newspaper. suggesting that greater impedance
eheuld be give"
to national and international news rather then te celebrity gossip and eeneetienei
? PART - e i5 x 12 = so Marks}
Note: Answer ail queetiene
{a} In the short Story" A Visit of Charity". why dues Marian bring a patted plant with
tn the Did Ladiee' Heme? Describe the eenditiens ef the ?repm eithe eid ladies,
(h}ir1 the story" Visit ef Charity?, examine how te the twc- eid leciiee behave with
each other end with Marian. Why do you think they act the WEI? they tie?
It:- {a) Hew deee Aideue Hexiey connect the incident of. the hull and the beggar to the
rest ef hie eeeey Ei"eneree' ?
{i3} Hew deee Huxley describe the arriyer' Ef- the ?rineeee in hie eeeay '"Beneree "P
-?t-1-- {?Whet?iathe tone and meed ef the eMr in the poem. ?Stenzee Written in
Won. Near Naples"? briefly comment on the speaker's eempieinte.
hem anthers
Whenemte??fefqiiew'mgaem the poem "Stattzee Written' In Detection Neer

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