Download OU BA 2018 2nd Year 5712 Indian Government and Politics Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2018 2nd Year 5712 Indian Government and Politics Previous Question Paper

Code No. 5712
BA. IV - Semester (6368) Examination. May I June 201 8
Paper - N W 3
(036) Indian Government and Politics ? Government and Po I c
m ' 3 how: Max. Marks : 80
Part- A (5 X4 = 20 Marks)
(Short Answer Type) 1??
Note: Answer any FIVE of the following questigni \
t/Ehctoral College F? *3
I" Cooperative Federalism . - ?
3 NITI Ayog N
'4 BSP
.a/RIgmo Information Act _ 5
8 Judicial Activism \ I
4 Chief Minister % 5?
?8? Voting behaviour V
Part- B (5 a 0 Marks)
' (EssayAn ITYPG)
Note: Answer ?317; the following questions.
9 .3) Describe the emergencho? of the President of India.
b) Discuss the powegien?tfunctionso ofR the Union Councii of Minister's
1o {Examine the role of the Governor' In the State Administration
b) Exptgbpowers and functions of High Court.
11 e} xamme the centre-state relations in India
b) EXp in the main features of the constitution 74?? Amendment Act.
12 a) What are the factors that have contributed to rise of BJP in the National
Mxpiain the reasons for the emergence of TRS in Telangana.
13 a) Examine the role of Pressure Groups in Indian Politics.
OR '
tp/Discuss the powers and functions of the Election Commission of India.

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